UFC: The Korean Zombie Is Back

By Kevin Davidson
Chan Sung Jung
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone can start to freak out, because Chan Sung Jung — also known by his outstanding nickname, the Korean Zombie — has a fight. It was recently announced that the Zombie is going to fight Akira Corassani in Sweden on Oct. 4. The only thing that I can say is, it’s about time.

Jung’s last fight was for the title against Jose Aldo. He lost that fight after dislocating his shoulder while throwing a punch at Aldo. Aldo say the opportunity to strike, and he did. That fight left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt that Jung was just about to turn things up and then, boom, an injury that caused his downfall. That stinks.

It’s no matter now — the past is the past and Jung is coming back. He has long been a fan favorite for his penchant to get into brawls. And when he got into brawls, I’m not saying like fights that get Fight of the Night awards, I’m talking about fight of the decade fights. Check out his first fight against Leonard Garcia to see what I mean. Jung has chosen to stray away from those types of fights now. In his run to challenge the title, he masterfully fought Dustin Poirier and ended up choking him out in the fourth round. It was a brilliant display of heart, technique, and grit. It was also one of the most fun fights I have seen.

Now Jung is back and ready to plow his way into another title shot. He didn’t say that, I just know this because, well, it’s Jung. It also adds a little bit more spice to an already stacked division and gives way to some very interesting matchups. Welcome back, Jung, we have missed you.

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