Gray Maynard Needs To Take A Break

By Kevin Davidson
Gray Maynard
Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

There are a couple instances where a fighter’s fall from grace has been phenomenal; Chuck Liddell and Dan Hardy both fell extremely hard and fast. We can now go ahead and add Gray Maynard’s name to that list because boy oh boy, has he taken a dive. In his past five fights, Maynard has recorded only one victory, and that came by split decision; it what was a lackluster affair. Disregarding that lone win, Maynard has lost four, and all of those have come by way of knockouts.

The scary part is not that Maynard keeps getting knocked out — well alright, that is a scary point, but not the one that I am trying to make. The point that I am trying to make is that Maynard has been getting knocked out by guys who are not known for their knockout power. Frankie Edgar and Nate Diaz are praised for their striking skills, but neither of those guys is known for starching people. However, both of them were able to stop Maynard, and stop him with conviction.

It’s a sad sight to see, especially when Maynard still has the skills to compete. By all accounts he looked great last night against Ross Pierson until he tried to box with him. Does this mean that Maynard should stop trying to out strike people? Well, yeah. However, I think that Maynard just doesn’t have the chin to compete anymore. When you keep getting knocked out, not only is it detrimental to your career, but it is to your health as well. And when one of the stipulations of your job is to take a punch to the head, you need to have a good chine. I don’t know what happened to Maynard’s, but it is gone. I’m calling for Maynard to hang them up, maybe not for the rest of his life, but a long layoff would do him good.

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