Tim Boetsch Won't Stop Fighting

By Kevin Davidson
Tim Boetsch
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

For all of those who did not watch the UFC Fight Night card last night, you missed a good one. While the card wasn’t bolstered by big names, or even meaningful fights, it provided plenty of action to hold us fans over for another week. While there were plenty of finishes on the card, the one that stick out is the fight between Tim Boetsch and Brad Tavares. I don’t really know how to put it nicely, so I’ll just go ahead and say it; Boetsch was getting worked over, hard.

From the beginning of the first round, Tavares was all over him and had his number, bullying him in the clinch and throwing crisp elbows that opened up Boetsch. Everyone smelled a finish coming soon, but it was not the one we expected. Boetsch threw a perfect hook that Tavares didn’t see coming, and that was the end of it. Boetsch did it again.

I love a good comeback, but that wasn’t really a comeback. Don’t get me wrong here, Boetsch won the fight, but it was more of Tavares making a mistake that Boetsch staging a comeback. In my opinion, a comeback should be marked by an aggressive offense by the fighter, or the fighter going for broke when he is down on the scorecard and making a conscious effort to win the fight. Throwing a punch and knocking a guy out is great and all, and it certainly got Boetsch his winning bonus and the knockout of the night performance, but what did the win really mean? Well, it just shows that Boetsch is dangerous.

Some fighters are best when they are hurt; Boetsch, on the other hand, is always dangerous. While the win won’t improve his standings in the rankings at all, or even give him a better fighter, it showed the division that Boetsch throws every punch with bad intention. It showed everyone that he doesn’t quit and will fight until he can’t throw any more punches or kicks. Boetsch is a warrior, and while Tavares made a mistake, Boetsch’s perseverance really won the bout.

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