Dong Hyun Kim's Style Was Too Good To Be True

By Kevin Davidson
Dong Hyun Kim
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

I remember a time when Dong Hyun Kim was despised. Well, maybe despised is a harsh word. I guess unpopular leaves a better taste on the tongue, because despised should only be reserved for Anderson Silva fans talking about Chael Sonnen. But honestly, there was a time when Kim was a one-dimensional wrestler and a nightmare matchup for anyone, because no one likes to lose, but no one wants to lose a boring decision. And that is how Kim won — he grinded out decisions. It was sometimes frustrating to watch, but he won so you can’t really be too angry at him. All of that came to a crashing halt when he knocked out Erik Silva.

Some would say it was a fluke knockout. I would say that it was a fluke knockout, but who cares. It put Kim’s name on the map. So now we have a wrestler who thinks the he has knockout power, and that is problem because sooner rather than later, he will fight someone who truly has knockout power. That is what happened to Kim, and I think his days of brawling are way behind him.

Thanks to this performance, I think Kim may have had the sense knocked back into him — literally. It was a brief period of heaven, seeing a man go for broke with every punch and actually have it work for him. However, Kim’s success wasn’t built on knocking people out. His popularity may have been built on it, but his success was not. So now, I think we will see Kim go back to grinding out wins. I wouldn’t say that it is a bad thing; it is just a boring thing.

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