Fighting Bobby Green Is A Risky Career Move For Anyone Right Now

By Kevin Davidson
Bobby Green
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It must be pretty awesome to be Bobby Green right now. First, he comes in as a massive underdog against Jamie Varner and then wins. That alone was enough to make the collective MMA community stop and pay attention. Then, he agrees to fight Donald Cerrone on short notice to help save UFC 178. I was psyched for Green when I heard that. In my opinion, there is no better way to win fans and gain some very necessary popularity than fighting on short notice.

The ever cruel MMA powers that be decided that the fight against Cerrone wasn’t meant to be. That entire scenario has been beat to a pulp already, so let’s just leave it that Cerrone got a more popular opponent and Green was quietly taken off the card. That must’ve stunk. It was going to be the biggest fight of his career and now he lost that opportunity. But the UFC hardly ever forgets a favor, so I’m sure Green will get another big fight — but against who?

Honestly, who wants to fight a guy coming off the biggest win of his career? Not even that, but Green really isn’t a popular fighter; he is a talented fighter. So a well-known fighter could get schooled by an unpopular fighter, and no one wants that in their career.

Is it too dangerous to take a fight against Green?

I think so. Green just beat a top-ten guy when he was considered an underdog. Now, he has the confidence. He knows what he is capable of now, and he knows that he can probably improve. Now he can go for broke because he has clout for beating a top-ten guy. To fight Green right now is a little too much of a risk. If I was a fighter, I would want to stay away.

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