Jordan Mein Deserves Top-10 Opponent Next

By Kevin Davidson
Jordan Mein
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Dos Anjos had its share of crazy finishes (an omoplata!), underdog victories, and the emergence of a serious contender.

That new contender is none other than Jordan Mein. Mein’s opponent was switched a total of three time before it was settled that he would fight Mike Pyle, and that was probably a good thing. Pyle is a fantastic fighter and a respected veteran. A win over him usually means that a top-10 fight is in your immediate future. I wonder what knocking out Pyle in the first round means? Cause that is what Mein was able to do.

If I had to guess what knocking out Pyle means, I would have to say that it means that Mein is now a top-10 guy, and on the short list of becoming a contender. This could not have come at a better time, as Mein was coming off of a lackluster win over Luke Barnatt. Mein needed to make a statement in this fight and prove that he could handle a big fight.

The UFC now has a very young, very experienced and very talented guy in their hands. Mein could be matched up with anyone in the top half of the top 10 and I think that it would be a fantastic fight. His age is also a great factor too, because no matter how Mein ends 2014, he still has an entire career in front of him. Now, I don’t know if we should be calling him a future champion, but we can sure call him a contender. I will be following Mein very closely from now on, because he is no longer a prospect.

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