Floyd Mayweather is Over 50 Cent's Reading Challenge, On To Hanging With Warren Buffett

By RantSports Staff

Floyd Mayweather recently took some time off from his feud with 50 Cent to chat with Warren Buffett. Oh yes, it’s true:

Buffett, one of the few people who can make Mayweather seem like he’s worth pocket change, stopped by the boxer’s studio on Tuesday to talk, you guessed it, money:

“I had a great meeting with the $66.9 billion dollar man, Mr. Warren Buffett. We talked about how we could turn a $100 million of my assets to $1 billion. Mr. Warren Buffett is the original founder of The Money Team, he’s just one of my billionaire buddies.”

While Money isn’t near as ‘money’ as Buffett, he’s at least smart enough to reach out to a guy who knows how to make a fortune into a ridiculous fortune.

As far as that reading challenge from 50 Cent is concerned, Mayweather appears to be over it:

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