Donald Cerrone Poised To Receive UFC Title Shot

By Kevin Davidson
Donald Cerrone
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone has been a fan favorite ever since his WEC days, but his popularity really exploded when he came over to the UFC. He always puts on exciting fights, rarely goes to a decision, and has constantly stepped up when the UFC needs someone. He has stated that he wants to fight six times in 2014, which is just absolutely ridiculous.

What is even more ridiculous is that he could really accomplish that goal — oh, and win every one of those fights.

Right now, Cerrone is scheduled to face Eddie Alvarez at UFC 178. This could seriously be his shot at getting to the title. Getting a championship bout is a lot different in MMA than it is in other sports. Of course, the fighter needs a decent win streak, popularity, and has to have the timing down. That means that there must be a decent time window for both the champ and the challenger to prepare for the fight, and enough time to build a decent card around the title fight.

It’s really strange. Cerrone has never fought for the belt, but a win over Alvarez would be the icing on an amazing year, and the UFC would be nuts to not try and capitalize on the momentum.

Again, Cerrone would need to beat Alvarez, which will be no small task. But if he does manage to do so, he has shown us time and time again that he will fight anytime, anywhere. So if Dana White gives Cerrone the nod, I expect Cerrone to take the fight without issues.

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