UFC: Can Nick Diaz Beat Anderson Silva?

By Kevin Davidson
Nick Diaz
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

I still can’t believe that Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva is going to happen at UFC 183. Both are the elite of the elite, legends in the MMA world, and both have exciting fighting styles. The more I kept mulling this fight over, the more I kept asking myself if Diaz could actually win this. Can he? Well, let’s take a look.

Diaz is most renowned for his classic boxing style and his unbelievable gas tank. Unfortunately, he is fighting Silva, who is a Muay Thai wrecking machine. I think that Silva will have the advantage on the feet for the duration of the fight. If it goes to the ground, I think that it is a draw. Both Silva and Diaz are dirty off of their backs, and both have very aggressive guards. When this fight hits the floor, it will be extremely exciting to see who can do what.

What really makes this interesting is the conditioning of Diaz. Diaz can set a pace that Silva will not be able to keep up with. I think it is definitely possible for Diaz to wear Silva down and finish him in the championship rounds. He has worn fighters down before by just touching them up for a round, so it could happen to Silva.

I have no doubts that this may be the biggest UFC fight of all time, and one of the reasons for that is because this fight could really go either way. Could Diaz really beat Silva? I think it is a very real possibility.

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