UFC: Mark Hunt Will Choose To Brawl With Roy Nelson

By Kevin Davidson
Mark Hunt
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

I think that Mark Hunt is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s true. I love how he went from being on a six-fight losing streak to being a top-10 heavyweight. I love how every time he steps foot in the Octagon, he shows a new level of toughness. Above all, I love how he fought back when everyone counted him out.

I’m done gushing because I want to tell you guys how I think Hunt could easily win his next fight against Roy Nelson, but he will probably get into a slugfest instead.

For everyone who didn’t see it, please go watch Stipe Miocic when he fought Nelson. Miocic was slick and fast, and he kept on the outside and just picked Nelson apart. Nelson was too slow and suffered a big defeat. I think that Hunt could easily do the same thing. He could stay to the outside and pick Nelson apart. However, I doubt that will happen because Hunt just loves to slug it out.

Look at his last two fights against Junior Dos Santos and Antonio Silva. They were absolute wars, true bouts of contrition where heart played just as important a role as skill, and Hunt decided to stand and bang the entire time.

I think it would be ill-advised for Hunt to do it against Nelson, but if history has taught us anything, I think we can expect a war. I hope to see Hunt take this one, but I’m sure we will all be in for a crazy show either way.

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