UFC: What Is Next For Ben Henderson?

By Kevin Davidson
Ben Henderson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Former champ Benson Henderson just got dealt the biggest blow of his career — except for maybe losing the title. Yeah, that one must have felt pretty bad, but this latest loss to Rafael Dos Anjos was absolutely heartbreaking for him.

Up until that loss to Dos Anjos, Henderson was a gargantuan gatekeeper to the title. Everyone who thought they could beat Pettis first had to get by Henderson, and that was no small task. Henderson knew that he would get another shot at the title as long as he kept winning. If you win, the UFC can’t ignore you forever. Unfortunately, he is no longer the gatekeeper to the title. With a title shot nowhere in sight and his role revoked, what is next for Henderson?

One would have to expect him to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to get back to title contention, but the problem wasn’t with Henderson’s fighting — it was his style. Henderson had a habit of grinding out wins, and close wins at that. It got Dana White heated and it did start to annoy the fans. Henderson needs to realize that if he ever wants to fight for the title again, he is going to have to finish everyone.

Maybe this loss is just what the doctor ordered for Henderson. Maybe he will come back in like a demon and start choking guys out left and right. Stranger thing have happened, you know?

Henderson needs a middle-of-the pack guy to get back on track. Maybe another fight with Jim Miller is in order. Both are coming off of high-profile losses and both need a win. Also, Miller is notoriously tough to finish. If Henderson can come in and finish Miller, it could put him right back to where he was.

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