GSP Takes Apart Big Mouth Fan

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

What is it with MMA fans who feel they have the right to smack talk fighters, because they watched hours and hours of UFC? Well I guess that’s America for you, actually in this particular instance of fan trash talk, […]

Top 10 MMA Fighters With the Best Head Kicks

UFC Kelvin Kuo

Why Johny Hendricks Deserves Title Shot and Not Nick Diaz

Johny Hendricks UFC

I realize the last article I just wrote was about Johny Hendricks. But I have been thinking and it still bothers the mess out of me why he is not the No. 1 Contender. Hendricks is one of the most […]

Johny Hendricks likely Next in Line For Welterweight Title

Johny Hendricks UFC

Johny Hendricks has been very vocal about wanting a title shot. And why not? He has proven his worth a dozen times over. Hendricks has asserted his dominance time and time again, with his skill and raw athletic power. If […]

Bellator will Never Sell out to the UFC


Remember when UFC bought Pride? What happened? Pride found itself in the toilet. Remember when the UFC bought Strikeforce? What happened? Strikeforce found itself in the toilet. When the UFC buys lesser MMA promotions, bad things happen to them. I am […]

Carlos Condit Wants to Play with Rory MacDonald’s Emotions

Carlos Condit UFC

Emotions and athletics go hand in hand. Give me a fighter who has complete mastery of his emotions, and I will give you the scariest, most dangerous fighter you have ever seen. Fighters – well, athletes in general – don’t […]

Rampage Jackson on Glover Teixeira’s Game Plan

Quinton Jackson UFC

What does any good fighter do before he steps up to a fight? He studies his opponent meticulously and painstakingly, unlike I did before any exam in my academic career. Nevertheless, a good martial artist can’t have a game plan […]

Rampage Jackson: A Look Back At his UFC Career

Quinton Jackson-UFC

With Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s long-running UFC career coming to a close this Saturday, I thought it would be nice to take a quick look back at his career to date. Jackson stared his fighting career as a star wrestler. After […]

Mike Goldberg Responds to Drug Accusations


UFC commentator Mike Goldberg is on the bitter end of a drug addiction rumor, and he would like to assure everyone that these accusations are nothing but false rumors. Goldberg, like a model employee who never takes a sick day, […]

UFC Referee Dan Miragliotta in Hot Water

Dana White UFC

It looks as though UFC referee Dan Miragliotta made more some bad calls this weekend. He has not been Dana White’s favorite referee, as Miragliotta has the bad habit of making very bad calls. An unreliable referee in a brutal […]

Rampage Jackson: A Boxer He May Become

Quinton Jackson-UFC

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s final UFC fight is set to take place on Friday, here in the Windy City, to face the ever fearsome Glover Teixeira. Jackson has given us many great fights in the Octagon; beating the legendary Chuck Lidell […]

Operation Scapegoat: NSAC Director Keith Kizer


There is something to be said about authority figures in sports, actually about authority figures in general. We don’t like them. I don’t know exactly why we don’t like them. I wager there are several factors about authority figures that […]