Georges St Pierre: The Mark Of What’s Wrong With Modern MMA Fighters

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Harsh title, I know. We have this tendency to look at our champions, especially long-reigning champions, with rose colored glasses. For some reason, as a viewing audience, we always reward them the benefit of the doubt, and maybe that’s because […]

Why Alexander Gustafsson Lost to Jon Jones At UFC 165

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There are events that happen in your life that you will forever remember where you were. As far as mixed martial arts is concerned, I will always remember sitting up past my bedtime in my bedroom as a middle-schooler watching Forrest […]

Why Have We Forgotten About Nate Diaz?

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                          Recently, it seems all the press has been about UFC welterweight Nick Diaz and his recently declared retirement. Despite being a perennial championship contender and a big name in the […]

The Future of the UFC’s Flyweight Division Seems Murky

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Demtrious Johnson is the king of the 125-pounders. The no. 1 flyweight in the world, the former bantamweight contender is a clear step above everyone in the division. It’s usually a good thing to have an established champion in your division, […]

10 Fights to Make After UFC Fight Night 26

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Alistair Overeem Should Avoid Making the Same Mistake Twice Against Travis Browne

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                          Alistair Overeem is a foreboding figure. Known as one of the greatest kick boxers of all-time and his gargantuan size would seemingly make him one of the […]

UFC Welterweight John Howard Faces Last Chance At Stardom This Saturday

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The name John Howard will sound pretty familiar to most fight fans. If you’re having hard time remembering who he is, let me refresh your mind. No, he’s not the former prime minister of Australia, but rather an ex-UFC welterweight who […]