It’s So Past Time For Floyd Mayweather To Drop The Gold

Jayne Oncea-Kamin -- USA TODAY Sports

If you want good heel vs. babyface booking, tonight is your night. In what could be the biggest PPV event of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. defends his super welterweight championships against rising star Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, tonight in Las Vegas. The fight […]

UFC: It’s Time For Dana White To Step Inside The Cage

Dana White

UFC president Dana White is the biggest trash talker in the business. No one is safe around him. If you insult him in public, look out. He will rip your head off. Just ask Randy Couture, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Matt Riddle, […]

UFC 165: Alexander Gustafsson Needs Early Bombs To Defeat Jon Jones

Mark J. Rebilas -- USA TODAY Sports

The guy who beats UFC’s Jon Jones is probably going to be a guy who rushes him, closes the distances, and knocks him out with an uppercut. That’s easier said than done, but most men won’t be able to stand […]

UFC Champ Jon Jones Should Tattoo Proverbs 11:2 On His Body

Brad Penner -- USA TODAY Sports

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is doing his best again to convince fans not to order one of his fights. Jones is going around telling the media that he’s on a different level than Anderson Silva (wasn’t Silva supposed […]

5 Unbelievable Quotes By UFC Champ Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

UFC Champ Jon Jones Should Fight Dan Henderson, Not Alexander Gustafsson

Joe Nicholson -- USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson is one of the worst main events in recent UFC history. Jones is probably going to walk right through this guy at UFC 165. Gustafsson somehow was awarded a title shot with Jones even though […]

UFC Is Wasting Ronda Rousey’s Incredible Potential

Gary A. Vasquez -- USA TODAY Sports

UFC had something great going back in February when Ronda Rousey made her debut against Liz Carmouche. At the time, she was getting more media coverage than Miley Cyrus is now. Rousey was an A-Lister, with magazines and talk shows […]

UFC’s Joe Rogan Gets It Wrong About MMA Judges

Joe Rogan

UFC announcer Joe Rogan is full of it. In a recently published interview, Rogan said he believes MMA judges should have a “deep background” in martial arts and that you need to have been “hit in the face, strangled and arm […]

Tommy Morrison Dead At 44: A Sad Ending To A Fighter Who Had Every Chance

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Tommy “The Duke” Morrison’s greatest in-ring moment came in 1995. He was a rising star, taking on the favored Donovan “Razor” Ruddock in a big match with title implications. Morrison rallied from a first-round knockdown to KO Ruddock in the […]

Who’s The Next UFC “Pound-For-Pound” Great To Fall?

Brad Penner -- USA TODAY Sports

There is no “pound-for-pound best fighter in the world”. Get over it. It’s a myth. The latest athlete to fall from the false pedestal is Benson Henderson, who lost to Anthony Pettis by submission at UFC 164. The fact is when […]

5 Totally Mean Quotes From UFC President Dana White

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UFC Needs Josh Barnett To Defeat Frank Mir at UFC 164

Kyle Terada -- USA TODAY Sports

Josh Barnett is probably the best heavyweight in the world not fighting in the UFC. That all ends Saturday night when he battles Frank Mir at UFC 164. Barnett, like Chael Sonnen, has figured out something important. In today’s MMA […]