Flyweight Needs Brad Pickett

Brad Pickett

I am biased when speaking of Brad Pickett. I love that Brit; he walks out to the octagon like he is going to catch the train into work, steps in, and starts to throw. He has a talent for putting […]

Alexander Gustafsson Re-Stacks 205-Pound Division With Win

Alexander Gustafsson

There was a time in the UFC when Light-Heavyweight was the premier division of the company. There were killers in the top-10 and it seemed that every fight was a title-shot or marquee matchup. The problem with having talent like […]

Lyoto Machida Is A Tougher Fight Than Chris Weidman

Lyoto Machida

In a huge surprise to no one, Vitor Belfort has pulled out of his title fight with Chris Weidman. To be honest, folks, there is no amount of money in the world for me to write about that entire situation […]

Dong Hyun Kim Breaks Brings The Violence Against John Hathaway

Dong Hyun Kim

For those of us that got up this morning, though still groggy, were able to witness a knockout of the year candidate. The UFC Fight Night took place this morning with a headline bout between Dong Hyun Kim and John […]

UFC 170: Poor Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins was the unsung hero of UFC 170. He was called up by Dana White, who asked him to fight a top-five Heavyweight on 10 days notice. Cummins, I assume, walked into his boss’ office and told him to […]

Demian Maia Had Grit, But It Was Not Enough

Demian Maia

I earlier predicted that Demian Maia vs. Rory MacDonald would be the fight to watch, and oh boy was it. The fight itself was the classic striker vs. grappler match, and I predicted that the person to get off first would […]

Mike Pyle Shows Viciousness

Mike Pyle

In a night full of bad calls, none is standing out more in my mind than the fight between Mike Pyle and TJ Waldburger. In what was an absolute war, Pyle was able to finally get the finish against Waldburger […]

Get Excited For Demian Maia vs. Rory MacDonald

Demian Maia

I get that there have been some huge headlines this past week — apparently there was shoving match — but forget those; learn to ignore those. Dig deeper into the card and you will actually see that it is still […]

Daniel Cormier Is Taking High Risk Fight vs. Patrick Cummins

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier better be extremely careful at UFC 170, because he is facing a man who has absolutely nothing to lose. Rashad Evans, who was supposed to fight Cormier, was injured and had to drop out of the fight. In […]

Gilbert Melendez Situation is Confusing

Gilbert Melendez

Just when the world of mixed martial arts was getting stable, Gilbert Melendez decided to flip it on its head. For those of you who have not heard, Melendez has struck a deal with Bellator. He is not on a […]

Gegard Mousasi Was Outclassed by Lyoto Machida

Gegard Mousasi

Things did not go right for Gegard Mousasi last night. In his fight with Lyoto Machida, Mousasi looked slow and confused for the five round affair. Machida pulled a Houdini and came out extremely aggressive and did not let off […]

Lyoto Machida Shows a New Side in Fight Against Gegard Mousasi

Lyoto Machida

For those of us that tuned into UFC Fight Night 36, we were shown a new side of Lyoto Machida; and I liked it a lot. Machida fought Gegard Mousasi and did something that not many people predicted; he fought […]