UFC 173: T.J. Dillashaw Should Learn Portuguese To Defeat Renan Barao

T.J. Dillashaw

The language of MMA is the only means of communication shared by UFC 173 bantamweight title opponents Renan Barao and T.J. Dillashaw. No English for Barao, no Portuguese for Dillashaw. Learning English would most certainly help Barao capitalize on his recent winning […]

Jenna Jameson, Tito Ortiz Keep it Classy After Bellator 120

Tito Ortiz

Southaven, Mississippi was the scene for Bellator 120, the fight promotion’s PPV debut. It was a production of high-caliber athletes knocking each other senseless and low-level cheap shots from Jenna Jameson aimed at Tito Ortiz. Bad blood boils between the […]

Tito Ortiz Submits Alexander Shlemenko at Bellator 120, Reveals How in Press Conference

Tito Ortiz

The absurdity was at an all time high at Bellator 120, which was held in the nation’s state where education is at an all time low. Tito Ortiz stepped back into the cage at the Landers Center in Mississippi after […]

Carlos Condit And Doo-Ho Choi Emulate Bruce Lee, Are Like Water

Carlos Condit

Some MMA fighters are flexing brick houses of muscle and rage like Brock Lesnar or Frank Mir. Meanwhile, fighters like Carlos Condit and UFC newcomer Doo Ho Choi emulate Bruce Lee in that they flow rather than flex. “Be like […]

Dana White Should Teach Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un How to be Covert Dictators

Dana White

Make no mistake about it; the UFC is a dictatorship. The moods of Dana White control of the fate of many just as the whims of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un determine the realities of millions. The difference is […]

UFC’s Jon Jones Will Make the Jump to Heavyweight by Feasting on the Dignity of Alexander Gustafsson, Others

Jon Jones

After UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones has dehumanized, dismantled, humiliated and beaten every last drop of snot out of all contenders in his division, he will set his sights on the heavyweight title belt. This will require Jones to put […]

UFC Fight Night 40: Matt Brown is a Fighter’s Fighter in Win Over Erick Silva

Matt Brown

Certain fighters excite MMA fans, other fighters inspire other fighters. Matt Brown did both and then some at UFC Fight Night 40. In front of a home-state crowd, the 2-1 underdog faced Brazilian Erick Silva and slugged out the win […]

UFC Fight Night 40 Daron Cruickshank Follows Elbowing Trend, Beats Erik Koch

Daron Cruickshank"s Elbow

We’re now in a new MMA era of the devastating elbow strike made popular by legends like Paul Daley, Kenny Florian and current king of the bludgeon, Jon “Bones” Jones. This was especially apparent at UFC Fight Night 40, where lightweight Daron Cruickshank […]

Attention UFC Fans: Here Comes Do Hoo Choi — Your Next Octagon Eccentric

UFC Championship Belt

There are two kinds of freaks in the MMA world. There are the deliberate types and then there are guys like Doo Ho Choi. The first kind are essentially attention whores who primp and posture, who think of psychotic things […]

Jon Jones, Anderson Silva Set Trends That Shape the UFC

Anderson Silva

For a while, the front kick knockout popularized by Anderson Silva was all the rage in the UFC. Nowadays, the promotion is seeing a new trend — it’s the age of elbow strikes, a la Jon Jones. Since he edged […]

MMA Fans Are A Bunch of Fanatical, Bloodthirsty Geeks

MMA Fans

  There are two types of MMA fans. One are well-informed fight geeks armed with a litany of statistics, specs, concerns, favorite picks and gripes about matchups. These types study the sport almost to a fault, magnifying minuscule details and engaging […]

UFC Color Commentator Joe Rogan Wants You To Be Strong Like Georges St-Pierre

Joe Rogan

He is a guy who calls it like he sees it. When Joe Rogan works for the UFC, he gives informed commentary, verbalized clarity and the intensity of someone who respects the hormonal animalism of this thing called MMA. His […]