Diego Sanchez vs. Gilbert Melendez Fight Shows Different Career Paths

Melendez vs Sanchez

Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez did exactly what Dana White hoped they would do at UFC 166. They put on a 15-minute fight that showed how talented Melendez is, and he won. For Sanchez, he got a bonus for a fight […]

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: What Makes Him A Great Boxer

Mayweather Vs. Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born into boxing. His father and two uncles were all professional boxers, and his uncle Roger is his current trainer. Floyd says the only things he did with his father during his childhood was go to […]

UFC and The Cheerleader Effect

Dana White

According to Barney Stinson, the Cheerleader Effect is ”when women appear hot but only as a group, not individually. The minute you start pulling them out of the group, their flaws are too horrible to ignore.” Dana White has been using […]