The More Eerie Side Of UFC 162

Chris Weidman

There’s a reason people bet on a horse because they think the name is clever and that they fill out March Madness brackets based on teams’ mascots. Superstition surrounds all sports events and Saturday night, in hindsight, was ripe for […]

Why Winnipeg? MMA’s Recent Legal Success Set Stage For UFC 161

Canadian MMA

What may have been overlooked in a night full of minor victories last Saturday was the most important victory of all. At the beginning of the month, the Canadian Parliament passed a bill legalizing combat sports such as MMA. As […]

UFC: Shawn Jordan’s Lethal Combo of MMA and Football

Shawn Jordan

UFC fighters come from a slew of backgrounds, but there aren’t very many former football players. Shawn Jordan’s stunning victory against Pat Barry at UFC 161 made us scratch our heads as to why. Just when the audience thought the […]

At UFC 160, It Was Out With the Old and In With the New

UFC 160

Last night’s display in Las Vegas leaves sense of nostalgia in its wake. Forrest Griffin, the “original” Ultimate Fighter, announced his retirement and the new generation of fighters showed all the familiar signs of evolution within the sport. It was […]

UFC On FX 8: Headline Bout On Vitor Belfort’s Turf, In More Ways Than One


Vitor Belfort is one of few remaining fighters from UFC’s days of yore. Belfort made a fast impression when he won the heavyweight tournament at UFC 12 when he was 18 years old. Belfort has made the tour of the MMA grounds, taking on […]

UFC on FX 8: A Look At Late Entry Nik Lentz


UFC on FX 8 features an intriguing fight card that has been studied by fans many times over. However, the featherweight competition is worth reevaluation. Hacran Dias, the hometown favorite, will face Nik Lentz. Previously, Dias was matched with Manny […]

MFC 37 More Than Just a Filler Between UFC Events


At this point in time, it’s difficult to identify an offseason for MMA. There are certainly “down-times,” the months between the big Pay-Per-View events, but even those are living up to their promotional billing as new rivalries emerge and new […]

Perception of MMA Judges, Refs Still Abysmal

MMA Referee

Fans and fighters alike have been disappointed in MMA judging, skeptical of referees and judges that made the jump from boxing, from the very beginning and it is still a point of frustration in many of today’s fights. So much so that Gilbert […]

Just What Kind of Champion Is Benson Henderson?

Benson Henderson

The good news for Benson Henderson is that after Saturday’s victory over Gilbert Melendez in San Jose he enters his second year wearing the lightweight title belt—and he’s engaged. But Henderson’s fight history has many wondering just what kind of […]

Success By Affiliation: Outside Leagues Benefit From UFC Eminence

Dana White

In the 1930’s, the trickle-down theory was meant primarily in jest, scoffing at the irony of making the wealthy richer in hopes of shekels making their way into the hands of the more needy. But in some instances, trickle-down economics […]

Power Ranking: UFC Top 5 Goliaths