Perry Jones Scouting Report

Perry Jones PF/SF Baylor


Durability: Perry Jones never gets injured.

Size: Perry Jones has that amazing 6 foot 11 inch size that NBA Scouts rave about.

Awareness: Perry Jones has the awareness to pass to defenders that are not open.

Short Shooting Range: Perry Jones can make any big play from short distance.

Passer: Perry Jones is an great at passing the basketball and is not a ball hog.

Athletic Ability: Perry Jones athleticism makes him look like a top 5 player.

Potential: Perry Jones has the potential to become a special player, but he lacks the qualities of an elite NBA player at this point in his young career.


Physical Ability: Most forwards are physical at defending.  Perry Jones isn’t and he has the 6-11 size.  People said the same things about Hasheem Thabeet coming out of U Conn and he has yet to produce in the NBA so far.

Learning Rate: Jones needs some time to learn new plays.

Basketball IQ: Perry Jones basketball IQ is very limited because he only knows how to execute short distance shots and a few short medium distance shots from mid court.  I’m not sure how this will transition to the NBA.

Medium Shooting Range: Perry Jones medium shooting range is hot and cold.  Some nights he is on his A game from medium range while other nights his medium range is cold as ice.

Long Shooting Range: Perry Jones has to improve his long shooting range.

Intanigbles: Perry Jones lacks the intangibles to become an elite player at this point.

Production: Perry Jones provdes poor production at Baylor.  Baylor is not a winning team that NBA people

My thoughts on Perry Jones.  Perry Jones has a lot of long term potential to become a special NBA player, but he is far from his potential.  Jones needs more time to blossom and he reminds me a lot of Kwame Brown.  He may have the potential, but are the odds  of him living up to his potential are slim to none.  Jones has the potential to be a special player and I do believe he will have an impact on a team at some point later in his career, but I strongly believe he will struggle right away before having success with the 2nd team that picks him up by free agency.