Anthony Rendon Scouting Report

Biography Anthony Rendon Third Baseman Rice


Physical Ability: Rendon has good physical strength and the ability to execute a power swing.

Size: Rendon provides nice size for a third baseman.

Learning Rate: Learns different pitches that the pitcher will deliver very quickly.

Baseball IQ: Has a great idea of what pitches are coming.

Defensive Awareness: Anthony Rendon has great defensive awareness in the infield.  Anthony Rendon is very disciplined and well rounded from a defensive standpoint.

Intangibles: I love Anthony Rendon’s intangibles for batting and fielding.  He provides great consistency while making beneficial decisions from a mental perspective.

Can play any position in the infield: Anthony Rendon can play any position in the infield.  His fielding skills are that good in terms of infield potential.

Batting Average: Anthony Rendon has a batting average of .394 at Rice.  That is a really good batting average.  He nearly batted .400 at Rice as a sophomore.

Home Run Hitter: Rendon can make contact with the baseball and hit it out of the ballpark.

Slugging Percentage: Rendon has a slugging percentage of .702

RBI Man: Rendon had 85 RBI’s last year.

Production: Anthony Rendon is one of the best players in college baseball.  He won national player of the year last year and went 3/12 in three games as a junior this year.

Potential: I really like Anthony Rednon’s potential.


Durability: Anthony Rendon cannot stay healthy.  He has to prove to MLB Scouts that he can stay healthy this year.

Speed and Agility: Anthony Rendon has poor speed and agility, but he is mainly a power hitter.

Offensive Awareness: Rendon needs to improve his offensive awareness.  His decision making when swinging the bat looked lackluster in a few highlights I saw of Rendon.  I know he is not a perfect prospect, but he can certainly improve this aspect of his game.

My thoughts on Anthony Rendon.  Anthony Rendon has the talent to be a superstar down the road, but he went 3/12 this on opening weekend against Stanford.  Rendon has some flaws.  His instincts are rocky when watching him bat.  Plus he cannot stay healthy.  All the injuries have limited his speed.  In the end I think Rendon succeeds even though it may take him 2-5 years to develop because he has the killer instinct and dedication to succeed.