Colin Kaepernick Scouting Report

Biography Colin Kaepernick Quarterback Nevada #10 Senior Redshirt


Arm Strength: Kaepernick has the elite cannon arm to make necessary throws like Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Pat Devlin, Ryan Mallett, or Tyrod Taylor.  Some of these quarterbacks lack the accuracy though.

Durability: Kaepernick displayed good durability for a quarterback taking tough hits without getting injured.

Size: Colin Kaepernick is 6 foot 5 235 pounds.

Speed: Kaepernick ran one of the fastest 40 yard dash times and he has excellent ability to scramble out of the pocket

Intangibles: Colin Kaepernick displayed great intangibles and decision making by a quarterback.

Mechanics: He doesn’t make Tim Tebow type throws when displaying mechanics.  His mechanics actually look better than Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker’s mechanics.

Pinpoint Accuracy: Kaepernick’s accuracy out of the pistol offense was rocky at the beginning of the year and at one point I listed accuracy as a con in this scouting report, but after watching extensive film of Kaepernick looking at his senior bowl and pro day tape it is clear that Kaepernick is a quarterback with pinpoint accuracy.

Scrambing Ability: Kaepernick can scramble when defenses decide to pressure him.

Production: Kaepernick will find a way to produce in big games.  Nevada knocked off undefeated Boise State this year.


Learning Rate: Kaepernick learns new plays and schemes at a very slow rate.  He can translate his skill set to a team who runs a spread offense like Buffalo after sitting out for a year behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Football IQ: Colin Kapernick only knows the shotgun spread offense which is basically the same thing as the pistol offense he ran in college.  He may have the arm to play in a vertical passing offense which requires a cannon arm for the deep passing game, but does he have the accuracy?  Plus he has not proven he can succeed in a pro style offense.  If he does I can change this, but until then his football IQ is something I will question.

Awareness: Does Colin Kaepernick make smart decisions in a pro style offense in terms of reading defenders?  Is he always going to scramble when pressured like Ben Roethlisberger or Michael Vick? I’m not sold on Kaepernick in that department yet because no one has seen him play in a pro style offense.  I have not seen Kaepernick take the snap and make a 3 step drop or a 5 step drop.  I have only seen Kaepernick snap the football out of the shotgun formation.

Composure in the Pocket: I believe Kaepernick is a very humble quarterback, but we haven’t seen him react to defenses as a pocket passer when he is being pressured by opposing defenses.  Kaepernick goes to a medium school not a small school, but not a big school in Nevada and this may be a flaw in his game.  Kaepernick has the make up of a first round quarterback, but something some flaw in his game is keeping him out of round 1.  Scouts know something about Kaepernick that the rest of the draft experts don’t otherwise this would be a first round prospect.

Potential: Colin Kaepernick has great potential as a backup, but I don’t think he is starter material just yet.  He could be a good starter one  day though with the proper coaching and preparation.

My thoughts on Colin Kapernick.  Kaepernick has all the physical tools to play quarterback along with the intangibles, but his ability to learn new plays and where he gets drafted dictate his career.  If he goes in round 2 and is forced into the lineup too early he will bust, but if he gets drafted in round 3 or later and is developed gradually as a project quarterback Colin Kaepernick could have a very productive career in the NFL.  Most quarterbacks who don’t get drafted in round 1 usually don’t succeed so do not expect much out of Kaepernick.  Then again most 2nd round quarterbacks do not have the ability to make the necessary throws Kaepernick does though.  If Kaepernick goes to Buffalo in round 2 or is a 3rd round quarterback drafted as a project I can see him succeeding, but until then it is too early to tell with Colin Kaepernick.