Archie Bradley Scouting Report


Arm Strength: Archie Bradley has a cannon for an arm in terms of pitching.

Size: Bradley is now 6 foot 5 230 and he was 6 foot 2 170 pounds entering high school his freshman year.

Learning Rate: Bradley can learn new pitches and where to pitch when it comes to learning which areas of the strike zone to throw near.

Baseball IQ: Archie Bradley has a good baseball IQ and a good football IQ for an athlete.  He understands the similarities between baseball and football playing the quarterback position.

Awareness: Bradley knows what pitches work best for him and Bradley knows how to execute those pitches properly.

Intangibles: Bradley has a variety of pitches with good pitching ranges.  There not just basic pitches they are complex pitches that are very difficult to execute also.

2 Seam Fast Ball: Bradley has a 2 seam fast ball that is in the 93 to 95 miles per hour range.

4 Seam Fast Ball: Bradley throws a 98 mile per hour 4 seamer.  That may be his strike out pitch because it is so fast.

Change Up: Bradley has a change up that goes 82 miles per hour.

Knuckle Curve: Bradley has this goofy knuckle curveball that is spiky and fast.  It goes 82 through 85 miles per hour.

Production: Bradley got to the state championship as a freshman.

Potential: Archie Bradley has great potential to be an MLB Pitcher, but being a high school prospect there are lower odds of him reaching that potential since college prospects usually have more success than players coming out of high school.


Durability: Bradley should be an All Pro as long as he stays healthy, but I believe durability may be a concern because his arm is going to wear down over time because a lot of his pitches are really fast plus you don’t know how that knuckle curve ball will affect his arm strength and pitching mechanics in the long run.

Experience: Bradley needs to gain experience against top notch competition.  He played high school baseball in Oklahoma and has produced since his freshman year, but I feel like he needs at least a year of collegiate experience along with some time in the farm system.

My take on Archie Bradley.  Bradley has the tools to succeed along with amazing speed on his pitches, but he is a work in progress who will need some time in the Minors, but he should be up sometime in 2013 if everything checks out smoothly for Archie Bradley.