2011 NBA Draft Order 2 Rounds With NBA Playoff Picks

Until the lottery clears up I’m going to use the final regular season standings because using the current standings was boring.  Plus some people are getting sick of me using the lottery.  So I will use my NBA Playoff Predictions and no lottery to determine who goes where.

Round 1

1. Minnesota Timberwolves Kyrie Irving PG Duke The Timberwolves need upgrades over Luke Ridinour, Johnny Flynn is a 6th man at best plus Rubio may never play in the NBA so you have to draft Irving #1 overall.  Plus you have depth if Irving does end up having injury issues.

I said Derrick Williams would be the top player in this draft on my scouting report when it first went viral on this site on February 24th, but for now Irving will be the top pick because the Timberwolves need for a true point guard outweighs the Timberwolves ability to take the best player available.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers Derrick Williams SF Arizona Cleveland takes the top player in this draft with the #2 overall pick.  Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, and Perry Jones are all returning to school making this draft weak after Williams and Barnes.

3. Toronto Raptors Enes Kanter PF Kentucky Toronto needs a power forward and Enes Kanter is a big man power forward.

4. Washington Wizards Terrence Jones SF Kentucky Washington needs to build around Wall and Terrence Jones would make a great complimentary forward.

5. Sacremento Kings Brandon Knight PG Kentucky Sacremento drafts Brandon Knight and has 3 former Calapari players on the same team.

6. Utah Jazz from New Jersey Nets Kemba Walker PG Connecticut Utah needs a point guard behind Deron Williams next to Irving, Williams, and theKentucky trio Kemba Walker is the best player available so I cannot see the Jazz passing on him.

7. Detroit Pistons Kawhi Leonard SF San Diego State Leonard deserves to go in the top 10 and his stock is really soaring at this point in the early part of the NBA Draft process.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers from Los Angeles Kings Jimmer Fredette SG BYU Cleveland can really help themselves out by getting Derrick Williams and Jimmer Fredette.

9. Charlotte Bobcats Jordan Hamilton SF Texas Jordan Hamilton is a quality small forward that can provide great depth on a Charlotte Bobcats team.

10. Milwaukee Bucks Alec Burks SG Colorado Michael Redd keeps getting injured and Burks dominated the NIT’s.

11. Golden State Warriors Jan Vesely PF Czech Republic Vesely can play the power forward or the shooting forward position.

12. Utah Jazz Bismack Biyombo PF Congo Utah drafts the best available player here.  Biyombo has really manage to creep up draft boards as his draft stock is through the roof.

13. Phoenix Suns Jonas Valanciunas C Lithuania Phoenix needs to get a big man at center and Valanciunas can attack defenders while converting short low post layups.

Valanciunas can play center or power forward.

14. Houston Rockets Donatas Motiejunas PF Lithuania Houston needs help at forward and Motiejunas can play either forward position and is 7 foot.

15. Indiana Pacers Marcus Morris PF Kansas I have the Chicago Bulls defeating the Indiana Pacers which is why Indiana is picking here.

I think the Pacers need help everywhere so I’m giving them Marcus Morris.

16. Philadelphia 76ers Markieff Morris PF Kansas I have the Miami Heat defeating the Philadelphia 76ers.

Philadelphia needs a big man at power forward so Markieff Morris makes a lot of sense for this 76ers team.

17. New York Knicks Kenneth Faried PF Morehead State I have the Boston Celtics defeating the New York Knicks in 6 games.

The New York Knicks can move Amare Stoudamire back to center by drafting a power forward with this 17th overall pick.

18. Charlotte Bobcats via New Orleans Hornets Klay Thompson SG Washington State I have the Lakers winning this series in 5 games and Charlotte owns this pick.

Charlotte continues to draft the best player available with their draft picks.

19. Washington Wizards from Atlanta Hawks Nikola Mirotic PF Montenegro I have the Magic defeating the Atlanta Hawks in 5 games.  Washington owns this pick from a trade they made with the Atlanta Hawks.

Mirotic is a quality power forward who should be able to get the job done in the NBA.  Washington needs to build around John Wall.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves from Memphis Grizzlies Trey Thompkins PF Georgia I have the Grizzlies losing their series to the Spurs in 6 games.  Thompkins can play power forward allowing Minnesota to part ways with Darko and move Kevin Love to center since Love is a two way player at power forward and center.

21. Portland Trailblazers Tobias Harris SF Tennessee I have Portland losing to Dallas in 7 games.

I feel like Portland will draft Tobias Harris if he slides this far on draft day.

22. Denver Nuggets Chris Singleton SF Florida State Denver should lose to Oklahoma City in 5 games.

Denver needs to find a small forward to replace Anthony with now that Carmello got dealt to the Knicks.  Singleton may be that forward.

23. Houston Rockets from Phoenix Suns via Orlando Magic Keith Benson C Oakland The Magic should push the Bulls to a 6 game series, but I think the Bulls prevail.  Houston owns this pick by trade with the Phoenix Suns via Orlando Magic.

The Houston Rockets need a big man at center and Keith Benson would make a great addition to the Rockets starting 5 now that Yao Ming’s career is numbered.

Keith Benson recorded 15 points and 11 rebounds racking up a double double against a battle tested Texas Longhorns college basketball squad.  Oakland was not in a position to pull an upset, but Benson did enough to help his draft stock for now.

24. Boston Celtics Jordan Williams PF Maryland Since the Celtics have lost Perkins I think the Heat win this series in 7 games.  Jordan Williams can play power forward or center and would be a great big man for the Celtics moving forward.

25. Dallas Mavericks Tyler Honeycutt SF UCLA Rick Carlisle always looses early in the playoffs.  He will be lucky to get one win against the Lakers.  I have the Lakers winning this series in 5 games.

26. San Antonio Spurs Nolan Smith SG Duke I have the Thunder knocking off the Spurs in 7 games.

San Antonio has the luxury of taking the best available player with all of their starters returning at this point that player is Nolan Smith.

27. Oklahoma City Thunder JaJuan Johnson PF Purdue I think Oklahoma City gets to the Western Conference Finals before losing to the Lakers.

JaJuan Johnson is a quality player who should go to Oklahoma City with this pick.

28. Chicago Bulls from Toronto Raptors via Miami Heat Travis Leslie SG Georgia I have the Bulls beating the Miami Heat in 7 games so the Bulls take Travis Leslie.

Chicago needs a shooting guard for depth and Leslie is a good pickup at this point.

29. Chicago Bulls Jeffery Taylor SF Vanderbilt Jeffery Taylor is an exceptional talent and would make a lot of sense for a Bulls team that could add some depth behind Deng and Kyle Korver.

30. New Jersey Nets from Los Angeles Lakers Kyle Singer SF Duke The Lakers are my pick to win it all. Singler is a quality shooting forward.  I like this Nets starting 5, but there is no depth.  Kris Humphries and Travis Outlaw are not long term starters, but both players would make great bench players which is why the Nets have to double dip at forward in this draft.

Round 2

31. Miami Heat from the Minnesota Timberwolves Reggie Jackson PG Boston College Mike Bibby is not a long term point guard and Reggie Jackson of Boston College is a possible first round pick that is keeping his options open.

32. Cleveland Cavaliers Josh Selby PG Kansas Cleveland needs a point guard and Selby is a quality talent at this point.

33. Detroit Pistons from Toronto Raptors Jereme Richmond SF Illinois The Detroit Pistons will need a small forward for depth and Richmond fits the bil here.

34. Washington Wizards Malcolm Lee SG UCLA Washington needs to get a shooting guard to compliment their lineup and Malcolm Lee is the best player available.

35. New Jersey Nets Scotty Hopson SG Tennessee New Jersey needs a shooting guard for depth and Hopson provides good value in round 2.

36. Sacremento Kings Jon Leuer PF Wisconsin Leuer is a top notch power forward and he should not make it out of the top 40.

37. Los Angeles Clippers from Detroit Pistons Isaiah Thomas PG Washington Now that Baron Davis is gone the Clippers need a point guard and Thomas is a solid option at this point.

38. Houston Rockets picked Swapped with LA Clippers Xavier Silas SG Northern Illnois Silas needs to be more aggressive, but the Clippers need to build a roster around Griffin.

39. Charlotte Bobcats Bojan Bogdanovich SF Croatia Bogdanovich can play the small forward or the shooting guard positions.

4o. Milwaukee Bucks Lawrence Bowers SF Missouri The Bucks need a small forward and taking Bowers makes a lot of sense here.

41. Los Angeles Lakers from Golden State Warriors Ben Hansborough PG Notre Dame The Lakers need to groom a successor behind Derek Fisher.

42. Indiana Pacers Chris Wright SF Dayton Indiana needs a shooting forward and this pick

43. Chicago Bulls from Utah Jazz Norris Cole PG Cleveland State Chicago gets a point guard for depth behind Derrick Rose.

44. Golden State Warriors from Chicago Bulls via Phoenix Suns Nikola Vucevic PF USC Golden State needs a power forward and Vucevic is a quality power forward.

45. New Orleans Hornets from Philadelphia 76ers E Twaun Moore SG Purdue New Orleans would love to add a shooting guard and Moore would blend in nicely in the Hornets team chemistry.

46. Los Angeles Lakers from New York Knicks Rick Jackson PF Syracuse Jackson has great ability defensively and will make a great addition for the Lakers.

47. Los Angeles Clippers from Houston Rockets Lucas Nogueira C Brazil The 7 foot 225 pound center should go in round one, but the odds are he doesn’t declare if that’s the case I’ll take him off my mock draft, but for now I’m mocking this 7 foot 225 pound center to the Los Angeles Clippers.

48. Atlanta Hawks David Lighty SF Ohio State Memphis has a lot of depth so in this case the Grizzlies take the best available player.

49. Memphis Grizzlies Marshon Brooks SG Providence Freeman can make an impact, but he will not take over your game.  Atlanta has a deadly starting 5 and just needs depth so I guess you take Freeman if your Atlanta here.

50. Philadelphia 76ers from New Orleans Hornets Shelvin Mack PG Butler If Mack declares for the NBA Draft he is a top 50 pick.  The 76ers can afford to take the best player available.

51. Portland Trailblazers Dwight Hardy PG St. Johns Portland needs a point guard like Hardy for depth.  Going to a team like Portland is a good fit for Hardy because he can become a better distributor.

52. Denver Nuggets LaceDarius Dunn SG Baylor Denver may want to add some depth at shooting guard with this pick.

53. Orlando Magic Chandler Parsons SF Florida Getting a small forward for depth to compliment the Magic is smart because Orlando is a team that likes to build around Dwight Howard and distribute the basketball to their other key players.

54. Boston Celtics Darius Morris PG Michigan Darius Morris performed real well in the 2011 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament.  Michigan

55. Dallas Mavericks Michael Dunigan C USA Dallas could use another big man and Dunigan seems like the center that Mark Cuban would want on the Mavericks.

56. San Antonio Spurs Jamie Skeen PF Virginia Commonwealth Skeen was one of the more talented players on a Virginia Commonwealth team that surprised the nation.

57. Cleveland Cavaliers from Oklahoma City Thunder via Miami Heat Festus Ezeli C Vanderbilt Cleveland would benefit from having a big man at center.

58. Los Angeles Lakers from Miami Heat Gilbert Brown SG Pittsburgh The Lakers will need a successor when Kobe Bryan leaves and Gilbert Brown is a good pickup here.

59. Sacremento Kings Milwaukee Bucks via Chicago Bulls Matthew Kalin Lucas PG Michigan State I gave the Kings the best available player here because they need help at point guard and both forward positions.

60. Los Angeles Lakers Gary Flowers SF Southern Mississippi The Lakers get a small forward for depth who is 6 foot 8 inches.