2012 NFL Mock Draft

I’ll use the 2011 NFL Draft Order to determine who picks where in my 2012 NFL Mock Draft.  I have the Bengals trading back into the first round with the Jets to get Ryan Mallett.  So the Jets own the Bengals 4th pick in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft.  Your getting a treat here because you will get all the picks to my final 2011 NFL Mock Draft  for the first round of that draft.

1. Carolina Panthers Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina Alshon Jeffery is a younger version of Steve Smith.  Even if the Panthers draft a wide receiver in round 3 they won’t have the game changing ability that a receiver like Jeffery has.

2011 First Round Pick Cam Newton QB Auburn

2. Denver Broncos Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama The reason I think Denver passes on Kirkpatrick in this mock is because they don’t have enough picks in this draft to address all of their defensive needs.  Denver moves Champ Bailey to safety and takes the 6 foot 3 215 pound corner and passes on Andrew Luck.

2011 First Round Pick Marcel Dareus DT Alabama

3. Buffalo Bills Andrew Luck QB Stanford If Luck falls this far the Bills will probably draft Andrew Luck as their franchise quarterback.

2011 First Round Pick Von Miller 3-4 ROLB Texas A/M

4. New York Jets from Cincinnati Bengals Jared Crick 3-4 RE Nebraska Like Suh Crick is a better fit in the 4-3, but he should emerge and has the talent to play the 3-4.

2011 First Round Pick Jets traded their pick to the Bengals for this pick.

5. Arizona Cardinals Matt Barkley QB USC The Arizona Cardinals will have a new head coach if they pick 5th again and new regimes mean new quarterbacks so Matt Barkley is a good pickup at #5.

2011 First Round Pick Patrick Peterson CB LSU

6. Cleveland Browns Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State Cleveland will want a defensive lineman that does not have character issues and Worthy would be a good top 10 pick.

2011 First Round Pick Julio Jones WR Alabama

7. San Francisco 49ers Landry Jones QB Oklahoma Landry Jones looks like a top 10 pick and if Alex Smith gets one more chance and the 49ers do this poorly the 49ers will end up with Luck, Barkley, or Jones.  Right now the consensus is Landry Jones goes to the 49ers.

2011 First Round Pick Robert Quinn 3-4 ROLB North Carolina

8. Tennessee Titans Quinton Coples RE North Carolina The Titans get Coples and pair him up with Derrick Morgan on the defensive line.

2011 First Round Pick Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri

9. Dallas Cowboys Barry Steinkuhler 3-4 LE Nebraska Dallas takes a defensive end at #9 and reaches for a 3-4 end.

2011 First Round Pick Tyron Smith RT USC

10. Washington Redskins Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina Washington will need a cornerback with players having expiring contracts.

2011 First Round Pick Jake Locker QB Washington

11. Houston Texans Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State Houston drafts Blackmon as a #2 wide receiver.

2011 First Round Pick Aldon Smith 3-4 ROLB Missouri

12. Minnesota Vikings Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame Minnesota may target a wide receiver early in 2012 and Michael Floyd is a good wide receiver.

2011 First Round Pick Nick Fairley DT Auburn

13. Detroit Lions Jonathan Martin LT Stanford The Lions will want an offensive tackle and Martin is too good to pass up on at this point even if the Lions get an offensive tackle in round 2 of the 2011 NFL Draft.

2011 First Round Pick Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska

14. St. Louis Rams Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma Louis gets Sam Bradford’s go to guy from Oklahoma.

2011 First Round Pick Corey Liuget DT Illinois

15. Miami Dolphins Trent Richardson RB Alabama The Miami Dolphins get Trent Richardson in this mock draft.

2011 First Round Pick Miami trades down into round 2 to get more picks.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars Nick Foles QB Arizona If the Jaguars miss the playoffs and get a new coach the new regime may want to bring in a quarterback like Nick Foles of Arizona who was projected to be a 2011 First Rounder in some of the October versions  of 2011 NFL Mock Drafts.

2011 First Round Pick JJ Watt LE Wisconsin

17. Oakland Raiders Terrell Pryor QB Ohio State If the Raiders don’t get high production out of Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski Oakland may opt for a quarterback and Al Davis will fall in love with Pryor’s arm.

2011 First Round Pick No First Round Pick

18. San Diego Chargers Matt Kalil LT USC Matt Kalil is the brother of Ryan Kalil and he is even considered the top left tackle on some draft boards.  If he falls to San Diego the Chargers may draft Kalil and move McNeil to right tackle retooling the offensive line.  San Diego was projected to get Kalil’s teammate Tyron Smith at one point long ago in the 2011 NFL Draft.

2011 First Round Pick Cameron Jordan 3-4 RE California

19. New York Giants Riley Reiff LT Iowa Riley Reiff sat behind Bryan Bulaga and Kyle Calloway in 2010 and dominated as Ricky Stanzi’s blindside.  He should be a top 10 pick, but if he falls to #19 and the Giants still have left tackle issues they should take Reiff with this pick.

2011 First Round Pick Mark Ingram RB Alabama

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Janoris Jenkins CB Florida Janoris Jenkins is the 3rd best corner in terms of talent in this draft, but his value may drop due to his character issues off the field.

2011 First Round Pick Trading Up for Ryan Kerrigan RE Purdue

21. Kansas City Chiefs Donte Paige-Moss 3-4 LOLB North Carolina pass rusher Donte Paige-Moss can play either 4-3 end position and can move to either rush linebacker role.  Moss is a good pick for the Chiefs at this point.

2011 First Round Pick Phil Taylor NT Baylor

22. Indianapolis Colts Marcus Forston DT Miami FL Indianapolis drafts a defensive tackle to shore up the defensive line.

2011 First Round Pick Nate Soldier LT Colorado

23. Philadelphia Eagles Blake DeChristopher RT Virginia Tech The Eagles get a right tackle and a Virginia Tech OT as a blindside for Michael Vick.

2011 First Round Pick Jimmy Smith CB Colorado

24. New Orleans Saints Vontaze Burflict MLB Arizona State The Saints draft Burflict as a successor for Vilma.

2011 First Round Pick Justin Houston RE Georgia

25. Seattle Seahawks Cliff Harris CB Oregon The Seattle Seahawks may need a corner for depth and Cliff Harris can team up with Walter Thurmond on Seattle.

2011 First Round Pick Christian Ponder QB Florida State

26. Baltimore Ravens Michael Brewster C Ohio State The Ravens may need a center for when Matt Birk retires.

2011 First Round Pick Brandon Harris CB Miami FL

27. Atlanta Falcons DJ Fluker RT Alabama DJ Fluker could be an effective right tackle if Atlanta does not retain Tyson Clabo.

2011 First Round Pick Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame.

28. New England Patriots Bobbie Massie LT Ole Miss Massie is 6 foot 6 312 pounds and reminds people of Michael Oher.  He is projected to go between picks 26 and 32 so the Patriots should draft Massie.  Even if they get a right guard in round 1 and a right tackle in the later rounds they may want a true left tackle in case Vulmer is a right tackle only.

2011 First Round Pick

I gave the Patriots 3 picks in round 1 of my 2011 Mock Draft.  I gave the New England Patriots Mike Pouncey RG Florida, Muhammed Wilkerson 3-4 RE Temple, and Akeem Ayers 3-4 LOLB UCLA.  New England trades Miami both of their 2nd round picks to move up and get Wilkerson in my 2011 NFL Mock Draft.

29. Chicago Bears Josh Oglesby RT Wisconsin The Bears may want a right tackle after Omiyale played at left tackle and I did not give the Bears a right tackle in my mock draft so maybe the Bears take back to back tackles.

2011 First Round Pick Anthony Costanzo LT Boston College

30. New York Jets Jeff Fuller WR Texas A/M Jeff Fuller is 6 foot 3 215 pounds and would be a good pick for a Jets team that needs wide receivers with their current receivers in free agency.

2011 First Round Pick No first round pick.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Adams LT Ohio State If Max Starks does not recover from his back injury Pittsburgh will need a new blndside.

Another option the Pittsburgh Steelers may examine is 3-4 middle linebacker Mante Teo 3-4 MLB Notre Dame.

I’ll change this pick if Starks performs well after a smooth recovery, but for now I’m giving the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Adams.

2011 First Round Pick Aaron Williams CB Texas

32. Green Bay Packers Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska Green Bay needs a long term starter for when Woodson retires and Dennard provides good value here.  Dennard played on a Nebraska secondary with Amukamara, Eric Hagg, and DeJon Gomes.

2011 First Round Pick Brooks Reid 3-4 ROLB Arizona