2011 MLB Mock Draft 5 Rounds

Round 1

1. Pittsburgh Pirates Danny Hultzen P Virginia I said back on April 21st, 2011 that Hultzen should be the top pick in my last mock draft.  People in the comments page called me crazy at first. Since then John Perrerrto considered Hultzen a top pick on May 2nd which was when rumors about Hultzen being a top pick starting buzzing, Keith Law had Hutlzen as the top pick in his first mock this year, and Peter Gammons has high hopes for Hultzen as well.  All 3 baseball experts have all jumped on the Mock Draft Mania bandwagon stating that they believe the Pirates will take Hultzen at #1 overall. If you still doubt my reasons why Hutlzen is the top pick your practically doubting the great baseball wisdom of Peter Gammons.  I’m no Gammons, but if you disagree with myself or any of the 3 analysts who backed my opinion up that’s your decision and I will completely respect that.

Hutlzen is 9-2 and has great control on his pitches.  He has a 1.42 ERA.  Hulzen is the main reason why Virginia is #2 in the country.  Hutlzen is accountable for 20 percent of Virginia’s wins this season as Virginia has a nations best 45-6 record.  Hultzen has a good variety pitches with his fast ball, curveball, slider, change up, knuckle ball, and sinker.

Other Options

Gerrit Cole P UCLA Cole is still the frontrunner to go #1 overall, but on 93.7 the Fan I heard about how a UCLA pitcher said bad things about the Pirates and how he would refuse to play for them.  Bauer has high character and would never throw an MLB team under the bus so Cole probably said those things about the Pirates. Cole has an array of fast pitches.  Cole has a 100 4 seam, 99 2 seam, can pitch a 4 seam at 97 in the 7th inning, can pitch a 96 2 seam in late innings, 90 mph slider, 90 mph change up, 80 mph 12-6 curveball, and a 71 mph knuckleball.

Plus Cole refused to let Pirates or Mariners media members in the newspaper interview him which really makes me wonder if he has character issues.  I didn’t think Cole had character issues, but its starting to look like Gerritt Cole is the Cam Newton of the 2011 MLB Draft as such a polarizing figure.

On the bright end you got the size, upside, and variety of pitches with incredible velocity and speed. The concern with Cole is his ERA, control, character, and discipline.  I know he’s the team captain at UCLA, but Bauer’s posted better numbers despite Cole’s array of elite top notch pitches and mechanics.  Scouts don’t look at the numbers and they look at the size, velocity, mechanics, but maybe that’s why they miss on so many picks because they don’t look at every factor when examining a prospect.

Anthony Rendon 3B Rice The Pirates are already paying Alvarez a ton of money and may not want another Boras client like Cole or Rendon at this point.  Rendon was the top player heading into this year and is a complete 5 tool player when he is healthy.  Think of a player with the offensive ability of Albert Pujols and a player with the defensive skill set of an Alex Rodriguez from his Mariner days.  That’s exactly what your getting in Rendon.

Dylan Bundy P Owasso High School Oklahoma Bundy wants big money if the Royals or Pirates target him so I don’t think he will be the pick, but he has one of the best high school arms.  People are mocking Bundy to the Pirates at this point.

Bubba Starling P Gardner High School Kansas Starling can pitch or play in the outfield plus next to Anthony Rendon, Starling is a complete 5 tool batter who can hit any pitch with a home run, line drive, grounder, or bunt.

Trevor Bauer P UCLA Bauer is the 6th best prospect on most draft boards behind these prospects that rank in the top 5. Gerritt Cole stated that he would refuse to play for the Pirates.  Pittsburgh should strike some karma of their own by passing on Cole and drafting Bauer.  If Pittsburgh did this it would be the most controversial draft pick in history.  Some critics would love this pick while others would continue to ridicule the Pirates front office.

Bauer would not command big money to play for the Pirates which is another thing the Pirates may consider.

Sonny Gray P Vanderbilt Gray is a longshot to land a spot in Pittsburgh, but I cannot rule him out as a potential player on the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Archie Bradley P Muskogee High School Oklahoma The Pirates scouting department has looked at Archie Bradley, but Bradley isn’t even as good as Taylor Guerrieri who is the best high school pitcher after Bundy.  The case for Archie Bradley going #1 overall is pretty much dismissed in my mind.

2. Seattle Mariners Anthony Rendon 3B Rice The Mariners will take Rendon if they have their choice between Rendon and Cole because Cole has refused to speak with the media in Pittsburgh and Seattle while Rendon is proving to scouts he has high character.  Both Rendon and Cole are talented prospects, but the Mariners will take the player with the higher character.

Other Options

Gerrit Cole P UCLA Cole will be an option for Seattle if he falls to #2.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks Sonny Gray P Vanderbilt Sonny Gray will be the pick here.  The Diamondbacks pitching coach brought in Gray for an individual workout session earlier this year and their scouting department visited Vanderbilt so I have to believe the Diamondbacks like Gray.  I’m starting to think Gray will be the pick here because his pitches provide amazing accuracy when releasing his pitches.  Gray has a 95 mile per hour 4 seamer and a 93 mile per hour 2 seamer with his fastball pitches.

Other Options

Gerrit Cole P UCLA Cole could be the pick here if he falls to Arizona, but we gave the Diamondbacks Bauer at #7 also.  The Diamondbacks are more sold on Gray in my mind, but they may take Cole at #3 if he falls this far.

4. Baltimore Orioles Gerrit Cole P UCLA If Cole falls to Baltimore the Orioles are pulling the trigger and drafting him.  Cole has an array of different pitches and the Orioles will take the risk.  I know I’m going to get a lot of heat for putting Cole at #4, but I deserve some recognition for putting Hultzen #1 before Gammons and Keith Law agreed with me.

5. Kansas City Royals Bubba Starling P Gardner High School Kansas The Royals love high school prospects and Starling is the hometown prospect.  I know the Royals have the smallest payroll in baseball, but I really think the Royals will roll the dice and take Starling.  Plus Starling can play in the outfield too.

Next to Anthony Rendon Bubba Starling is the best 5 tool player in this draft.  Starling can pitch or play in the outfield which is probably why the Pirates are looking at Bubba Starling in case McCutchen decides to leave the Pirates when he has an option of opting out in 2012.

6. Washington Nationals Francisco Lindor SS Montverde Academy Florida Not only do the Nationals need a shortstop.  Lindor may be one of the best players available.  Even if the Nationals want to go in a different direction that’s understandable.  The Nationals may take the best prospect available and select Lindor because he is one of the more complete shortstops in baseball.

7. Arizona Diamondbacks Compensation Pick Trevor Bauer P UCLA Trevor Bauer has played like the best pitcher on UCLA’s rotation.  He’s pitched 5 complete games this season.  If Cole is going #1 overall, I have no problem putting Bauer in my top 10.  Bauer won’t play hardball and would not be a reach at #7 based on how he’s performed this season.  Arizona needs to get someone they can sign with this pick and the Arizona Diamondbacks can sign Trevor Bauer with this pick.

Bauer’s fastball goes up to 97 miles per hour and he shows excellent control with pitches while pitching in that 93 to 94 mile per hour range.

Bauer has a variety of pitches, but his main pitches are  a 97 mile per hour 4 seamer, a 95 mile per hour 2 seamer, a 12-6 curveball, and a breaking ball pitch that barely misses the strike zone which causes batters to swing and miss.  Bauer also throws an effective slider, change up, splitter, and knuckleball.  Plus Bauer can pitch a 94 mile per hour 4 seamer late in games while pitching a 93 mile per hour 2 seamer in the 7th-9th innings. has Bauer ranked 6th in their recent prospect rankings plus Bauer was a borderline first round pick at one point so he doesn’t expect top 10 money.

Other Options

Matt Barnes P Connecticut Matt Barnes has been an effective #1 pitcher who is 6 foot 4 and throws a mid 90′s fastball.  Matt Barnes may pitch at a reduced salary.

George Springer OF Connecticut George Springer could be an option if the Diamondbacks want an outfielder at #7.

Jed Bradley P Georgia Tech Jed Bradley may not be consistent with his ERA or winning, but that doesn’t matter because  he has good size and a mid 90′s fastball.  Good velocity and accuracy when releasing pitches.

Jackie Bradley OF South Carolina South Carolina won the College World Series.  Jackie Bradley led South Carolina to the College World Series last year and is projected to be a mid first round pick.  Arizona may reach for the world series winner in Jackie Bradley.

Matt Purke P TCU Matt Purke is now being used as a long reliever on TCU.  His stock has fallen to the point where Purke is a relief pitcher on TCU.  Injuries really set Purke back.  Purke won’t demand a monster contract in the wake of a declining draft stock.  Arizona could be getting two top 5 picks in terms of value if Matt Purke returns to his 2010 form and if they draft Gray or Hultzen with one of those pitchers being productive.  Purke may command big money though so I think this option is unlikely for now.

8. Cleveland Indians Taylor Jungmann P Texas Jungmann is 6 foot 6 220 pounds has a flamethrower arm.  Jungmann is 11-0 with a 0.86 ERA in 13 starts.  Jungmann’s fastball is between 92 and 95 miles per hour.  Jungmann probably has flaws with his other pitches or else this guy would be  in the conversation to be the #1 overall pick.  Cleveland isn’t afraid to spend big to win big.  The Indians proved that by drafting Drew Pomeranz last year.  I think the Tribe want Bauer, but if they cannot obtain Bauer they will settle for Taylor Jungmann.  Cleveland has not drafted a high school prospect since 2001 so I would be shocked if they took a high school player.

Jungmann barely defeated Nebraska and has had 2 straight no decisions so he has been sloppy in terms of stats, but his size and command of pitches is more than enough to draft Jungmann in the top 10.

Other Options

Trevor Bauer P UCLA Bauer has pitched 5 complete games and has outperformed Gerrit Cole by a long shot.  Cole will probably go #1 overall so getting Bauer isn’t a bad consolation prize.  I don’t think Bauer is getting past Cleveland.  Both Arizona and Cleveland have low payrolls and need to take a chance on a pitcher with Bauer’s talent and ERA.

Matt Barnes P Connecticut Cleveland may want to take Matt Barnes if their sold on his size and fastball.

George Springer OF Connecticut Cleveland may want to add a batter to the lineup, but Springer is kind of a reach here.  Still Cleveland will be able to sign Springer if the Tribe decides to draft him this early.

Jed Bradley P Georgia Tech Cleveland may decide to get a pitcher like Jed Bradley with the size and the mid 90′s fastball.

Matt Purke P TCU The Indians may decide to gamble on Purke because at one point he was the top prospect in this draft.

9. Chicago Cubs Matt Barnes P Connecticut Matt Barnes is 8-3 in 11 starts with a 1.41 ERA.  I know wins and ERA may not be looked when evaluating players, but Matt Barnes is 6 foot 4 with a mid 90′s fastball.  Matt Barnes is a good pitcher and the Cubs won’t have to pay big money to get him.  The Cubs always use their first round pick on a college player with is another thing to consider.

Other Options

Taylor Jungmann P Texas If the Tribe take Bauer and Jungmann is still available, I could see the Cubs drafting Taylor Jungmann here.

Jed Bradley P Georgia Tech The Cubs may want a pitcher with Jed Bradley’s size who can fire that mid 90′s fastball.

Matt Purke P TCU If the Cubs want to gamble on Purke fine, but he may be Mark Prior all over again in Chicago should the Cubs draft Purke.

10. San Diego Padres Compensation Pick Jed Bradley P Georgia Tech Jed Bradley has the size at 6 foot 4 224 pounds.  Bradley also has the mechanics, arm, and command.  Bradley has a 95 mile per hour 4 seamer, a 93 mile per hour 2 seamer, slider, curveball, and changeup that he can command real well.  Bradley is probably the 2nd best lefty behind Hultzen.

He may not have consistent stats, but he won’t command a huge amount of money so Jed Bradley is a good pickup at this point.

Other Options

Matt Barnes P Connecticut If Matt Barnes falls to #10 the Padres will draft him.

George Springer OF Connecticut The Padres may be forced to reach for an outfielder with this pick because the Padres have to draft someone they know they can sign with this compensation pick.

Jackie Bradley OF South Carolina Maybe the Padres reach for Jackie Bradley who was a key piece in the South Carolina Gamecocks College World Series run if they cannot target one of the prospects they want at #10.

11. Houston Astros Taylor Guerri P North Augusta High School South Carolina Taylor Guerri is really starting to move up in the draft.  The Astros don’t have a top notch budget, but their payroll is big enough to draft Guerri at #11.

Other Options

Dylan Bundy P Owasso High School Oklahoma Dyaln Bundy is a hometown prospect in Oklahoma living near Houston and the Astros like high school prospects.

Archie Bradley P Muskogee High School Oklahoma Bradley is 6 foot 4 210 pounds and has a mid 90′s fastball.  Another local prospect who the Astros may consider at #11.

12. Milwaukee Brewers George Springer OF Connecticut George Springer is a top 12 talent and if he falls to Milwaukee he will be the pick here.  Milwaukee is a low budget team so they have to take the best available player that they know they can sign here.  In this case George Springer fits the bill here.  Milwaukee may consider getting Bundy or Bradley at #12 here if Springer is gone, but Springer is the Brewers primary option here.

13. New York Mets Dylan Bundy P Owasso High School Oklahoma Dylan Bundy provides that pitcher that the Mets need to acquire through the MLB Draft.  Bundy may be one of the top 5 pitchers in this draft, but he will fall because he is commanding a high payroll.  GM’s are not comfortable with drafting high school prospects.  The Mets will pull the trigger on Dylan Bundy if he falls to #13.

Bundy has a 98 mile per hour 4 seamer, a 95 mile per hour 2 seamer, a 77 mile per hour curveball, and an 84 mile per hour slider.  Bundy has the best arm in the draft after Gerrit Cole if your looking at a flamethrower with a deadly fastball.

Other Options

Archie Bradley P Muskogee High School Oklahoma If Bundy is gone the Mets may draft Archie Bradley who has good size and a mid 90′s fastball.

14. Florida Marlins Archie Bradley P Muskogee High School Oklahoma Archie Bradley is 6 foot 4 210 pounds and has a good mid 90′s fastball.

Other Options

Dylan Bundy Owasso High School Oklahoma If Bundy falls to #14 he will be the pick.  I cannot see Bundy slipping this far, but its so hard to tell what happens during the 2011 MLB Draft.

15. Milwaukee Brewers Compensation Pick Anthony Meo P Coastal Carolina Anthony Meo can be a starter or a relief pitcher and is not expected to go in the top 15.  Milwaukee should be able to sign Anthony Meo.  Milwaukee has to get a pitcher with one of their first two picks.

16. Los Angeles Dodgers Tyler Anderson P Oregon The Dodgers used to have a top notch payroll, but thanks to the owner incident in Los Angeles its now a middle of the pack payroll.  Los Angeles can still afford to sign big name free agents, but they have to draft players who will sign for cheaper rates if the the Dodgers want to continue to sign big name free agents.  Tyler Anderson has  fastball that goes between 89 and 91 miles per hour, but the mechanics, velocity, and control of his pitches are off the charts.  Anderson may not have the speed for a pitcher, but the intangibles of a pitcher are there with the mechanics, velocity, controlling his pitches, accuracy, trying to pitch pitches in the corner of the strike zone.  That’s exactly what your getting out of Tyler Anderson.  Anderson could be an ace for years to come if he improves the speed of his pitches down in the farm system.

17. Los Angeles Angels Daniel Norris P Johnson City School District Tennessee Norris throws a 4 seamer in between 91 and 95 miles per hour and his 4 seamer can go 96 to 97 miles per hour.  His 2 seamer is between 92 and 94 miles per hour even touching 95 miles per hour at times.  Norris also throws a 12-6 curveball while displaying tremendous velocity on his pitches.  The Angels have a payroll big enough to draft Norris and keep him in Los Angeles.

Other Options

Matt Purke P TCU Purke was the top pitching prospect in college baseball heading into the season.  The Los Angeles Angels may sign him if they are given the chance to draft Purke due to the Angels high payroll.

18. Oakland Athletics Matt Purke P TCU Matt Purke was considered the #1 overall pick heading into the season.  Purke has performed so poorly he is moving down to a long reliever role and could command big bucks.  Purke could also potentially be a steal for a big market team like the Boston Red Sox.  Oakland has to take a chance on Purke hoping he pans out.  Purke has a 92 mile an hour 4 seamer and a 95 miles per hour 2 seamer that is really effective.  I know the blisters on Purke’s fingers could affect his durability, pitching motion, mechanics, etc., but I just feel like Oakland could miss out on a special prospect in Purke if he returns to his 16-0 2010 form.

Other Options

Jackie Bradley OF South Carolina Jackie Bradley was a key element in the 2010 College World Series when South Carolina defeated UCLA.

Mikie Mahtook OF LSU Mikie Mahtook is the other SEC power hitter who should be drafted in the top 20.

19. Boston Red Sox from Detroit Tigers Jackie Bradley OF South Carolina Jackie Bradley is an effective power hitter who can provide some home runs and line drives when he gets on base.  Bradley has the speed to get a double when he hits the baseball in the outfield.  Bradley’s strong suit is fielding in the outfield.  Jackie Bradley has a fielding percentage of .973 and a slugging percentage of .468.  Bradley was the leader of the South Carolina team that won the 2010 College World Series.  The Red Sox can take the best player available at this point.

Other Options

Mikie Mahtook OF LSU Mikie Mahtook is a power hitter who has the physical power and upside to drive home runs out of the ballpark.

20. Colorado Rockies Mikie Mahtook OF LSU Mikie Mahtook has a perfect fielding percentage of 1.000, has the upside of a home run hitter, has a batting average of .352, has a .679 slugging percentage, and stole 25 bases so far on 32 attempts in 47 games.  Colorado loves adding complete players who can hit home runs, bat, field well, and steal bases.

21. Toronto Blue Jays Josh Bell OF Jesuit College Prepatory School Texas The Blue Jays like Josh Bell and every mock draft I’ve seen has Bell penciled into the Blue Jays.  Its rare to see a pick this late get such a unanimous consensus.  Bell can play in the outfield or the infield and is a very versatile defensive player.  Plus he has the pop to hit home runs and is outstanding when converting line drives.

22. St. Louis Cardinals Blake Swihart C Cleveland High School New Mexico Blake Swihart is one of the top catcher prospects and his value is too good to pass up on at this point in the 2011 MLB Draft.

Other Options

CJ Cron C Utah The 6 foot 4 230 pound catcher is a 2nd round propspect, but he could go as high as #15 to Milwaukee if a low budget team overdrafts him.  Maybe the St. Louis Cardinals prefer CJ Cron over Blake Swihart.

Andrew Susac C Oregon State Andrew Susac is the top college catcher prospect at this point.  If the Cardinals would prefer a catcher who plays in college than Andrew Susac is a prospect that the St. Louis Cardinals may consider.

Josh Stilson P Texas A/M Josh Stilson could go to St. Louis.  The Cardinals may target Stilson at #22.

Alex Meyer P Kentucky Alex Meyer is 6 foot 9 220 pounds and has a mid 90′s to high 90′s fastball.  He isn’t consistent in terms of innings pitched or ERA which is why he will fall to late in round 1.  If Meyer was more consistent there is no doubt in my mind he’d be a top 5 pick.  Maybe one of the low budget teams reaches for him, but I really cannot see that happening.

23. Washington Nationals from Chicago White Sox Josh Stilson P Texas A/M Josh Stilson has a 5-1 record with a 1.59 ERA and a mid 90′s fastball.  He needs time in the minors to improve his no decision ratio, but Stilson could be a great complimentary pitcher down the road for Washington.  Stilson will only give you 6 innings of work and have of his starts are no decisions so Stilson may be better served in the bullpen down the road.  Stilson has a 4 seamer and 2 seamer between 90 and 92 miles per hour.  One thing about Stilson that I strongly dislike is how erratic his change-up pitches.  John Stilson really needs to improve the consistency of his pitches.  He will get the chance to do that in the minors.

24. Tampa Bay Rays from Boston Red Sox Levi Michael SS North Carolina Levi Michael has a great fielding percentage and is versatile enough to play anywhere in the infield.  Michael can also play in the outfield, but is a better fit during the infield.  He has 40 RBI’s and a batting average above .300.    Michael has an great slugging percentage, but he needs to improve his ability on hitting home runs.  Levi Michael has stolen 14 bases on 15 attempts this year in 45 games.  Michael has attempted to steal a base once every 3 games.  Michael can hit any kind of pitch except a home run.  Even though Levi Michael is not a home run hitter, he is a complete player in every other aspect in terms of batting and fielding if you exclude his ability to hit home runs which is why Levi Michael should go in the first round of the 2011 MLB Draft.

25. San Diego Padres CJ Cron C Utah CJ Cron may be a 2nd round prospect, but he is 6 foot 4 230 pounds.  The Padres have one of the lowest budgets in baseball so they have to reach for players hoping someone pans out.  CJ Cron has a .448 batting average and a .990 fielding percentage.  14 home runs, but nothing that stands out with Cron in terms of batting.  CJ Cron has the size to become a 25 to 30 home run hitter with the right training so to get a player with CJ Cron’s talent late in the first round is good value for the San Diego Padres.

Other Options

Andrew Susac C Oregon State Andrew Susac is a bit more pricy, but he could also suit up for the Padres as a catcher in a few years.

26. Boston Red Sox from Texas Rangers Andrew Susac C Oregon State Boston needs to keep adding depth by taking the best available player.   Susac has a .988 fielding percentage plus he has a .364 batting average.

27. Cincinnati Reds Jose Fernandez P Alonso High School Florida The Reds have been targeting two players in particular.  Jose Fernandez the Alonso High School pitcher and Javier Baez the Alrington Country Day shortstop.  Jose Fernandez has immense upside for a pitcher when you examine his size so someone is going to give him a chance late in the first round.

Other Options

Javier Baez SS Arlington Country Day High School Florida Javier Baez is the Reds Plan B if Fernandez is gone, but I get the feeling the Reds are going to take Jose Fernandez in this situation because he is not supposed to slide this far.

28. Atlanta Braves Javier Baez SS Arlington Country Day High School Florida The Braves may want to add depth to their infield by taking the best available player.  I cannot see the Braves going in a different direction besides Javier Baez.

Other Options

Jose Fernandez P Alonso High School Florida If the Reds foolishly pass on Jose Fernandez the Braves may draft him here.

29. San Francisco Giants Kolten Wong 2B Hawaii I had Kolten Wong to the Giants in one of my previous mock drafts in round 2, but he is a late round consideration for the San Francisco Giants at this point.  Kolten Wong is good enough to play anywhere in the outfield or the infield plus he is a power home run hitter who can add some pop to an already explosive lineup down the road for this San Francisco Giants baseball team.

30. Minnesota Twins Henry Owens P Edison High School California The Minnesota Twins love high school prospects with high character and Henry Owens is a top notch high school pitcher with high moral and character.

31. Tampa Bay Rays from New York Yankees Alex Meyer P Kentucky Alex Meyer is 6 foot 9 220 pounds.  He may be a project, but the Rays have a strong rotation plus they have the luxury of waiting to see if Meyer pans out.

32. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick Brian Goodwin OF Miami Dade Junior College Florida With Manny Ramirez gone the Rays need to groom an outfielder for the future.

33. Texas Rangers from Philadelphia Phillies Travis Harrison 3B Tustin High School California The Rangers have the luxury of drafting the best available player for the future plus Texas loves high school prospects.  The Rangers took Matt Purke straight out of high school 2 years ago.

34. Washington Nationals Compensation Pick Dillon Howard P Searcy High School Arkansas Dylan Howard is a first round prospect  and should be drafted in the top 33.

35. Toronto Blue Jays Compensation Pick Brandon Nimmo OF East High School Wyoming Toronto loves drafting high school prospects and I expect them to take another high school propsect with Brandon Nimmo still available.

36. Boston Red Sox Compensation Pick Jason Esposito 3B Vanderbilt I should probably give the Red Sox a pitcher soon, but one player the Red Sox have scouted extensively is Jason Esposito.  Esposito has a .922 fielding percentage and a batting average of .356 at Vanderbilt.  Esposito has a slugging percentage of .548 despite the fact that he is 11/20 when stealing bases.  Esposito is your typical fielder who can play 3rd base and hit line drives.

37. Texas Rangers Compensation Pick Derek Fisher OF Cedar Crest High School Pennsylvania Texas takes another high school prospect in the MLB Draft.

38. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick Josh Osich P Oregon State Josh Osich pitched 121 pitches, 13 strikeouts, in Oregon State’s win on the road against the UCLA Bruins.  Ever since this performance Osich’s stock has really risen because MLB Scouts are looking for that pitcher who can provide a no hitter.

39. Philadelphia Phillies Compensation Pick Michael Kelly P West Boca Raton Cmty High School Florida Michael Kelly is the best pitcher available.  Philadelphia is already strong at pitching, but may take the best available prospect for depth and trade bait down the road.

40. Boston Red Sox Compensation Pick Tyler Beede P Lawrence Academy Massachusetts Tyler Beede is a hometown prospect.  Weighing in at 6 foot 4 220 pounds.  He has an 88-92 mile per hour 4 seam fast ball that can get up to 94-95 miles per hour.  Beede’s 2 seamer pitches have the exact speed, but his command on the 2 seamer isn’t as effective as his command on the 4 seamer.  Beede has a 76-78 miles per hour change up with great command and accuracy.  This is Beede’s favorite pitch and his best secondary pitch after his 4 seam fastball.  Tyler Beede also throws a 12-6 curveball that goes between 76-78 miles per hour.  There is good break on Beede’s pitches.  I think Boston drafts the hometown prospect because he has a lot to offer as a pitcher in the long term.

41. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick Austin Hedges C Junipero High School California Austin Hedges is a top notch catcher prospect.  The Rays pursue high school and college prospects so I believe its safe to say the Rays will take the best available player at this point.

42. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick Andrew Chafin P Kent State Andrew Chafin is 5-1 with a 1.60 ERA in 9 starts.  Chafin’s fastball is 95 miles per hour on the 4 seamer and 2 seamer.  He also has a good slider as a secondary pitch.  Chafin had Tommy John Surgery last season, but he is a draft eligible sophomore this season.  If Chafin didn’t have Tommy John Surgery I think there’s an outside chance he’d be a top 25 pick.

43. Arizona Diamondbacks Compensation Pick Jack Armstrong P Vanderbilt Jack Armstrong has a 2.19 ERA in 10 games as a relief pitcher.  I gave the Diamondbacks Sonny Gray and Trevor Bauer with the 3rd and 7th picks.  The Diamondbacks may want to get a relief pitcher to groom for the future.  Jack Armstrong is a mid relief pitcher that has the potential to be a setup man.

44. New York Mets Compensation Pick Joe Ross P Bishop O Dowd High School California The Mets need to get pitchers by building through the draft rather than spending carelessly on pitchers in free agency.

45. Colorado Rockies Compensation Pick Joshua Tobias 3B Southeast Guilford High School North Carolina Colorado continues to add depth by drafting the best players available.

46. Toronto Blue Jays Compensation Pick Hudson Boyd P South Fort Meyers High School Florida Boyd has a 88 to 94 mile per hour fastball, a 83 to 85 mile per hour change-up, and a 79 to 81 mile per hour curve ball.  Boyd is 6 foot 2 235 pounds.  He has the size, upside, and potential that you look for in a pitcher.  Toronto loves high school prospects so I get the feeling they go with Boyd here.

47. Chicago White Sox Compensation Pick Alex Dickerson OF Indiana Alex Dickerson of Indiana has the talent to play anywhere in the outfield or the infield.  He has a .954 fielding percentage and is a line drive hitter with a batting average of .361 driving in 42 RBI while maintaining a .511 slugging percentage.  Dickerson is also the leadoff batter for the Indiana Hoosiers.  The White Sox usually pursue college players so this is a good pick here.

48. San Diego Padres Compensation Pick Cory Spangenberg 2B Indian River State College The Padres want to spend as little money as possible on top prospects since they have one of the lower budgets in baseball.

49. San Francisco Giants Compensation Pick Ryan Carpenter P Gonzaga The San Francisco Giants love college baseball prospects.  Gonzaga pitcher Ryan Carpenter is 6 foot 5 225 pounds possessing great size.  In 11 starts Carpenter has a 2.65 ERA and a 6-1 record. Carpenter leads Gonzaga with 82 strikeouts.  Carpenter has averaged at least 7.5 strikeouts per game.

50. Minnesota Twins Compensation Pick Robert Stephenson P Alhambra High School California The Twins draft another high school prospect.  Robert Stephenson is the best high school prospect next to catcher Nick Delmonico.  Since Mauer has a big contract its totally unnecessary to take a catcher unless you think this guy can be your DH.

51. New York Yankees Compensation Pick Nick Delmonico C Farragut High School Tennessee Nick Delmonico can play anywhere in the infield.  The Yankees could use a developmental farm prospect like Delmonico as trade bait to get a player they want near the trade deadline.

52. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick Dwight Smith OF Mcintosh High School Georgia The Rays should take another outfielder for their farm team in Dwight Smith.

53. Toronto Blue Jays Compensation Pick Kevin Cron C Mountain Pointe High School Arizona The Blue Jays take the best high school prospect available.  At this point that player is Kevin Cron.

54. San Diego Padres Compensation Pick Zach Cone OF Georgia Zach Cone was a first round prospect heading into this year, but his numbers have regressed.  Cone still has a fielding percentage of 1.000 though through 47 games starting and bats 4th in Georgia’s lineup.

55. Minnesota Twins Compensation Pick Jason Coats OF TCU Coats is batting 4th at TCU.  He has a .306 batting average, leads TCU with 42 RBI’s, can hit the line drive, has a slugging percentage of .516, and has a fielding percentage of .989.

56. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick Ricky Oropesa 3B USC Oropesa is batting .338 in 160 at bats, has recorded 35 RBI’s, is the leadoff batter for USC, leads USC batters in nearly every category, and has a fielding percentage of .976.  He can move to first base if necessary.  Good value pick for Tampa Bay taking the best player available.

57. Toronto Bue Jays Compensation Pick Tyler Goeddel 3B St. Francis High School California Toronto gets another high school prospect at 3rd base.

58. San Diego Padres Matt Skole 3B Georgia Tech Matt Skole will be easy to sign.  He is 6 foot 4 228 pounds, leads Georgia Tech with 47 RBI’s.  The next best total for RBI’s on Georgia Tech by one player is 39 RBI’s.  Skole also leads his team with on base percentage.

59. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick James McMann C Arkansas McMann has a .942 fielding percentage and would make a great farm prospect.  Tampa Bay can take the best player available.  Even if they double dip at a certain position they can always trade the player for a future draft pick.

60. Tampa Bay Rays Compensation Pick BA Vollmuth SS Southern Miss Levi Michael could be a 3rd baseman on Tampa Bay’s farm team while Ricky Oropesa plays first base allowing Vollmuth to play shortstop.  Vollmuth has a .309 batting average, 12 home runs, 45 RBI’s, and a .913 fielding percentage.  He can hit any kind of pitch with a home run, line drive, grounder, or bunt.  He just needs to work on his ability to steal bases.  The guy is 6 foot 4 200 pounds so he doesn’t really have the speed to steal bases due to his size and physical stature.

61. Washington Nationals Compensation Pick Peter O Brien C Bethune Cookman Peter O Brien would be a farm prospect for most of his career once Bryce Harper comes up to the MLB.  Harper may move to first base or he may stay at catcher.  Peter O Brien is not taking Bryce Harper’s job, but it would not hurt to have that extra catcher for depth.

Round 2

62. Pittsburgh Pirates Kevin Comer P Seneca High School New Jersey Kevin Comer is 6 foot 4 210 pounds.  He has that size that the Pittsburgh Pirates look for when evaluating pitchers.  Another option is Rookie Davis, but I refuse to give the Pirates a pitcher with the first name Rookie.

63. Seattle Mariners Kyle Winkler P TCU Kyle Winkler is now the ace of the TCU Horned Frogs rotation.  In 12 starts he is 8-2 with a 1.48 ERA.  He leads TCU in innings pitched this year and has pitched 2 complete games this season.  Kyle Winkler knows how to pitch in the corners.  Which is another thing you cannot coach.

64. Arizona Diamondbacks Phil Evans SS La Costa Canyon High School California Phil Evans is a local prospect who is a good fit for the Diamondbacks.

65. Baltimore Orioles Dominic Jose OF American Heritage School Florida Dominic Jose will get drafted in the top 70.  He provides good value after pick 64.

66. Kansas City Royals William Flamion OF Central Catholic High School California The Royals really like high school players and Flamion seems like the typical Royals outfielder.  This is the right range for Flamion so I cannot see the problem with the Royals drafting him here.

67. Philadelphia Phillies from Washington Nationals Rookie Davis P Dixon High School North Carolina Rookie Davis is 6 foot 5 220 pounds.  The Phillies can draft the rookie and groom him as a relief pitcher for the future.

68. Cleveland Indians Preston Tucker 1B Florida Cleveland can keep Preston Tucker in the farm system and bring him up when the time is right.  Cleveland loves drafitng college prospects and Preston Tucker the Florida first baseman is the best college baseball player left at this point.

69. Chicago Cubs Tony Zych P Louisville Zych is a low 90′s pitcher without warming up.  Can throw a 4 seamer at 90 miles per hour and a 2 seamer at 92 miles per hour without warming up in the bullpen.  You warm him up properly in the bullpen and his pitches could go up 2-5 miles per hour.  Is a mid relief pitcher that has okay ERA, but needs to win more games.  I think the Cubs could use a college prospect like Tony Zych as an integral part of the teams future.

70. Houston Astros Blake Snell P Shorewood High School Washington Snell is 6 foot 4 200 pounds and the Astros love high school prospects.  The Astros take a high school prospect at pitcher in Blake Snell.

71. Milwaukee Brewers Charles Tilson OF New Trier Township High School Illinois Milwaukee continues to draft the top prospects available and groom those players for the future.

72. New York Mets Shawn Dunston Jr. OF Valley Christian High School California The Mets take a high school prospect to build their franchise around who could be on the pro team within a few years.

73. Florida Marlins John Magliozzi P USA John Magliozzi is a top notch pitching prospect that the Marlins may decide to target in the 2nd round.

74. Los Angeles Dodgers Nick Ahmed SS Connecticut Nick Ahmed is the best shortstop on Connecticut.  He may not be as versatile and dynamic as his teammate George Springer, but he can do everything Springer can except play in any position fielding or hit home runs.  Other than those 2 things, Nick Ahmed can provide a lot of production.  Ahmed is a good developmental player for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

75. Toronto Blue Jays from Los Angeles Angels Christian Lopes SS Edison High School California The Blue Jays would like high school prospects plus I’d still mock Lopes here even if the Angels were picking here.

76. Tampa Bay Rays from Oakland Athletics Kyle Crick P Sherman High School Texas The Rays get another ace to add to their array of pitchers.

77. Detroit Tigers Cody Asche 3B Nebraska Cody Asche has a .909 fielding percentage.  He is a power hitter who has hit 12 home runs.  Asche has a .312 batting average so far for Nebraska this season.

78. Colorado Rockies Scott Lyman OF UC Davis Scott Lyman is fielding .905 this season and is providing a great fielding percentage for the Rockies.

79. Toronto Blue Jays Hunter Cole 3B Dorman HIgh School South Carolina Hunter Cole is the best available player at this point.  It makes complete sense for the Blue Jays to take him.

80. St. Louis Cardinals Joe Panik SS St. Johns Panik is batting .398, slugging .620, and is 17 for 19 when stealing bases.  The only flaw in Panik’s game is the fact that he struggles to hit home runs.  Panik provides nice value in round 2 for the St. Louis Cardinals.

81. Chicago White Sox Deshorn Lake P Menchville High School Virginia DeShorn Lake is the top high school prospect left in the 2011 MLB Draft.  Lake should be a late 2nd round pick.

82. Boston Red Sox Carl Thormore OF East Brunswick High School New Jersey Carl Thormore seems like a player that would play for the Red Sox.  Top high school prospect that could play in Boston’s farm system for a few years before the Red Sox use him as trade bait to get a big name player with their payroll.

83. San Diego Padres Johnny Eierman SS Warsaw High School Missouri The Padres take the best available prospect to groom for the future in Johnny Eierman.

84. Texas Rangers Brian Brickhouse P The Woodlands College Park High School Texas Texas may want to draft hometown prospect Brian Brickhouse.  Brickhouse provides good mid to late round 2 value so this is a quality developmental player for the Texas Rangers to obtain.

85. Cincinnati Reds Daniel Vogelbach 1B Bishop Verot High School Florida Verot is 280 pounds and he might be able to develop into a power home run hitter over time.  With Joey Votto at first base for the Reds, Cincinnati can develop Vogelbach for a few years than the Reds can bring Vogelbach up to the major leagues.

86. Atlanta Braves Aaron Westlake 1B Vanderbilt Westlake is batting .368.  Westlake has hit 10 home runs, while batting 3rd in Vanderbilt’s lineup, along with a .991 fielding percentage.  Good pickup for the Atlanta Braves getting an infielder for the future in Aaron Westlake.

87. San Francisco Giants Austin Wood P USC Wood Wood is 6 foot 4 220, has a power arm and a mid 90′s fastball.  My problem with Wood is he has a 5.52 ERA and is 4-6 as a starter this season in 11 starts.  Austin Wood may be able to be a long reliever in San Francisco, but he needs to learn how to control his pitches better in AA and AAA leagues first.

88. Minnesota Twins Dillon Maples P Pinecrest High School North Carolina Maples was a first round talent at one point and now he’s become a borderline 2nd round pick.  The Twins will take Maples if he falls this far.

89. New York Yankees Brandon Sedell C American Heritage School Florida The Yankees can take the best available player here.

90. Tampa Bay Rays Harold Martinez 3B Miami FL Martinez bats 4th in Miami’s lineup and has a .956 fielding percentage.  Tampa Bay continues to stack up on farm prospects.

91. Philadelphia Phillies Scott McGough P Oregon Relief pitcher who can pitch in the high 90′s when warming up.  McGough needs to work on his ERA and is 1-6 as a relief pitcher with his record in 26 games played.  The Phillies might be able to turn McGough into a quality set up pitcher if the Phillies AA and AAA teams groom McGough properly.

Round 3

92. Pittsburgh Pirates Nick Tropeano P Stony Brook Tropeano is 6 foot 4 205 pounds.

As a freshman he had a 5-1 record in 8 starts in 14 games with 6 appearances as a long relief pitcher with 58 innings pitched.  4 of those 8 starts resulted in complete games.

In 2010 as a sophomore  Tropeano went 8-4 with a 2.44 ERA in 14 starts.  His ERA was 22nd in the country as a sophomore.  Recorded nearly 10 strikeouts a game and nearly pitched 100 innings.  He struck out 106 batters in 2010.

This season Tropeano is 10-1 in 12 starts with a 1.94 ERA and he has pitched 4 complete games.   Two of those games are complete game shutouts.  Tropeano has recorded 101 strikeouts in 12 starts.

Tropeano should be going higher than this, but because Stony Brook is a small school, Nick Tropeano falls out of the first two rounds and gets taken by the Pirates in round 3.

93. Seattle Mariners Cody Kukuk P USA The Mariners take the best player available in round 3 and at this point that player is Cody Kukuk.

94. Arizona Diamondbacks Grayson Garvin P Vanderbilt Garvin is 11-1 with a 2.08 ERA in 13 starts.  Garvin is 6 foot 5 218 pounds and pitches an 89 mile per hour fastball that can reach the 90′s if he is warmed up in the bullpen as a long relief pitcher.

95. Baltimore Orioles Julius Gaines SS USA Gaines is the best available player at this point and the Orioles may decide to take him.

96. Kansas City Royals Nick Burdi P Downers Grove Illinois High School Burdi doesn’t throw a 2 seamer.  He only throws a 4 seamer from a 3 quarters armslot that clocks in at 97 miles per hour.  Burdi has two different sliders one slider is 79-82 miles per hour while the other slider is 88-91 miles per hour.  Nick Burdi displays excellent deception with his slider pitches.  Burdi also throws a circle change up that is 76 miles per hour and it gets a 11 to 5 break on the pitch.

97. Washington Nationals Kes Carter OF Western Kentucky Carter has the versatility to play anywhere at infielder or outfielder.  He is the leadoff batter on the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers batting lineup batting .360 and slugging .566 this season.

98. Cleveland Indians Sam Gaviglio P Oregon State Gaviglio is 10-1 with a 1.74 ERA in 13 starts while weighing in at 6 foot 2 180 pounds.  Gaviglio has pitched 3 complete games and all of those games were complete game shutouts.  Gaviglio is a proven pitcher who would blend in nicely in Cleveland.

99. Chicago Cubs Patt Maynard C North Carolina State The Cubs need a catcher who can provide production in the long term.  That’s exactly what Patt Maynard can do.

100. Houston Astros Dante Bichette Jr. 3B Orangewood Christian School Florida Dante Bichette Jr. is a top notch third baseman.  Bichette provides first round production, but because he has character issues he drops to pick 100.

101. Milwaukee Brewers Mason Robbins OF George County High School Mississippi Mason Robbins is the best available player at this spot.  The Brewers can develop him and hope he pans out in a few years.

102. New York Mets Christian Montgomery P Cathedral High School Indiana Montgomery is the best high school prospect available at this point.  The Mets get another ace in round 3.

103. Florida Marlins Blake Forslund P Liberty Forslund is a long reliever at best with excellent velocity on his pitches when warming up properly in the bullpen.  Forslund is 1-2 in 4 starts while playing in 8 games.  Forslund has an ERA of over 8.  Forslund weighs in at 6 foot 3 210 pounds, but lacks the control and command to execute some of his pitches properly.

104. Los Angeles Dodgers Will Lamb P Clemson Lamb is 6 foot 5 180 pounds.  Lamb could be an effective pitcher, but he needs to bulk up.

105. Los Angeles Angels Brad Miller SS Clemson The Angels take the best available player here.

106. Oakland Athletics James Harris Jr. OF Oakland Technical High School California Oakland takes a hometown prospect with this pick.

107. Detroit Tigers Carson Smith P Texas State Smith is 6 foot 5 215 pounds and has an 8-3 record along with a 1.94 ERA.

108. Colorado Rockies Jake Hager SS Sierra Vista High School Nevada It never hurts to have depth at shortstop.  Plus Hager could be trade bait to get a better player.

109. Toronto Blue Jays Dylan Davis Redmond High School Washington Toronto adds some depth at pitcher with a high school prospect.

110. St. Louis Cardinals Ryan Wright 2B Louisville Ryan Wright has the ability to be a 5 tool player his stats at Louisville indicate that Wright can be that 5 tool player, but Wright needs some time to develop in the minor leagues for 2-5 years.  Wright is the right fit for the Cardinals organization as he has a batting average above .300, hits 9 home runs, 16/18 when stealing bases, great laser throwing arm, and fielding percentage above .900.  Pujols is still a complete 5 tool infielder, but it would not hurt to groom Wright for the future in case Pujols is not a long term part of the St. Louis Cardinals plans.

111. Chicago White Sox Chris McFarland SS Lufkin High School Texas McFarland is the best high school prospect left at this point in the 2011 MLB Draft.  Your getting a great fielder with the versatility and pop to be an effective 5 tool player.  You could be getting good value with McFarland in the later rounds.

112. Boston Red Sox Adam Conley P Washington State 5-6 record in 13 starts with 2 complete games.  Conley is 6 foot 3 170 pounds.  Has a chance of panning out if he can work on bulking up and controlling his pitches better.

113. San Diego Padres Phillip Pfiefer P Farragut High School Tennessee Teammate of Nick Delmonico who is a first round prospect.

114. Texas Rangers Jack Cave Kecoughtan High School Virginia Jack Cave is the best player available for Texas at this point in round 3.

115. Cincinnati Reds Tyler Greene SS Roswell High School Georgia Tyler Green is the best available player at this point plus the Reds farm team could use a shortstop.

116. Atlanta Braves Larry Greene OF Berrien High School Georgia Larry Greene is the outfielder from Georgia High School while Tyler Greene plays in the infield.  The Braves take Larry Greene.  FYI there is no relation between Tyler and Larry Greene.

117. San Francisco Giants Nick Martini OF Kansas State Martini has a batting average of .330, is 21/24 when stealing bases, has a good arm throwing from the outfield, and displays a fielding percentage of .991.  Martini is a leadoff batter at Kansas State and could become an effective complete 5 tool player if he improves his ability to hit home runs in the farm system.

118. Minnesota Twins Brandon Woodruff P Wheeler School Mississippi The Twins may as well add some youth to their farm team.  The Twins have the worst record in baseball so they have to take the best prospects available.

119. New York Yankees Matt Jensen 2B Cal Pony The Yankees may want to draft a farm prospect for the future in their infield.

120. Tampa Bay Rays Jerrick Suiter P Valparaiso High School Indiana Suiter is 6 foot 4 215 pounds.  Suiter is a quality pitcher.  Suiter could be a starter or relief pitcher down the road in Tampa Bay.

121. Philadelphia Phillies Daniel Mengdon C USA The Phillies have to take the best player available at this point which is catcher Daniel Mengdon of USA.

122. Seattle Mariners Compensation Pick Drew Stiner C Sand Springs School District Oklahoma Stiner is a quality catcher who could play infield down the road for the Mariners if he develops properly in the minor leagues.  Stiner will likely start out on the Mariners single A team before moving up to double A in a few years.

Round 4

123. Pittsburgh Pirates Burch Smith P Oklahoma Burch Smith is 9-3 in 13 starts with a 3.82 ERA.  He is tied on Oklahoma’s pitching rotation for the most strikeouts on the roster with 78 on the year so far.  The Cleveland Indians drafted Burch Smith out of junior college in the 20th round of the 2010 MLB Draft.  Smith’s fastball went 92 miles per hour and now it goes up to 96 miles per hour along with an average curveball and changeup.  Smith has gone from a 20th round pick to a 4th round pick in one year which just shows the rapid improvement he has made during his first season at Oklahoma.

124. Seattle Mariners Adam Smith SS Texas A/M As a reserve player on the bench Smith had a batting average of .205 along with 3 home runs and 17 RBI’s.

125. Arizona Diamondbacks Zach Wilson OF Arizona State Even though Zach Wilson bats last in the Arizona State batting lineup he leads the Sun Devils with 41 RBI’s this season while displaying a .992 fielding percentage.  Wilson has a batting average of .259 which is a team low on Arizona State which is why he is late round pick.

126. Baltimore Orioles Andrew Gagnon P Long Beach State Buck adds another pitcher to his rotation for the new regime in Baltimore.

127. Kansas City Royals Ricky Jacquez P Franklin High School Texas Jacquez is 5 foot 9 160 pounds.  He could be a middle relief pitcher, but I don’t see much more in him due to a lack of size.

128. Washington Nationals Sean Gilmartin P Florida State Gilmartin is 10-1 with a 1.35 ERA.  He has pitched one complete game and 3 shutouts this season for Florida State.  He has started 14 games this season while pitching over 100 innings and 113 strikeouts this season.  Gilmartin is 6 foot 2 192 pounds which works against him and is one of the main reasons why Gilmartin is a 4th round pick.

Florida State won the ACC Atlantic Division and Gilmartin is the main reason why Florida State has had so much success.

129. Cleveland Indians Colton Murray P Kansas Murray has a 2.48 ERA and is 3-3 on the year while leading the Kansas Jayhawks in 7 saves.  Very flexible relief pitcher that you can plug into your bullpen.  Murray can be a long reliever, mid reliever, set up man, or closer.  ESPN Baseball Draft Insider had Murray as a first round prospect earlier at one point this year, but because Murray is more of a relief man rather than a starter he falls to round 4.

130. Chicago Cubs Taylor Garrison P Fresno State Garrison can pitch long relief, middle relief, set up, or closer.  He’s not as effective as Murray, but he can contribute to this bullpen.

131. Houston Astros Porter Clayton P Bonneville High School Idaho Clayton is a high character pitcher who graduated high school early.  Good smart pick by the Astros if he falls to pick 131 in round 4.

132. Milwaukee Brewers Ronnie Richardson OF Central Florida Richardson is an outfielder who has a batting average .313 and a fielding percentage of .992.

133. New York Mets Eric Snyder OF Edison High School California The Mets draft another high school prospect in Snyder.

134. Florida Marlins Adam McCreery P Bonita High School California McCreery is 6 foot 8 200 pounds.

135. Los Angeles Dodgers Tyler Marlette C USA Marlette is a quality catcher who could be developed on the Dodgers.

136. Los Angeles Angels Brandon Martin C USA Marting is another quality catcher that the Angels may try to acquire.

137. Oakland Athletics Bryan Harper P South Carolina Harper could be an effective relief pitcher.  Harper has a 4.50 ERA, but can play long relief, mid relief, set up, or closer in your bullpen.  Harper gives your bullpen a ton of flexibiltiy.

138. Detroit Tigers Logan Verrette P Baylor Verrette is 6-4 and displays a 2.78 ERA.  Verrette would be a nice fit in Detroit if he falls to the Tigers.

139. Colorado Rockies Andrew Suarez P USA The Rockies get the best available player here.

140. Toronto Maple Leafs Patrick Leonard SS St. Thomas High School Texas Leonard is the best pitcher available at this point in the MLB Draft left at this point.

141. St. Louis Cardinals Taylor Dugas OF Alabama Dugas bats 3rd in the lineup and leads Alabama with 5 home runs.  Dugas is a raw project, but maybe he could become a 5 tool player down the road with the right training in the Cardinals farm system.

142. Chicago White Sox Cameron Gallagher C Manheim Township High School Pennsylvania The White Sox take another high school player.

143. Boston Red Sox Tyler Pill P Cal State Fullerton Pill is 5-1 in 13 starts with one complete game.  Pill will be a long relief pitcher for the Red Sox.  Pill can get accustomed to a long reliever role in the minor leagues.

144. San Diego Padres Ryan Garvey OF Palm Desert High School California Garvey is the best player available at this point.  Garvey is a good project player at this point.

145. Texas Rangers Erik Johnson P California Johnson is 5-2 with a 2.11 ERA in 12 starts.  Johnson should be a #5 pitcher in a starting rotation and he has the potential to move up and be a #4 pitcher in an MLB rotation.

146. Cincinnati Reds Spencer Linney P Head-Royce School California The Reds need arms for the future in their farm leagues who can be starters down the road.  The Reds have struggled against the Pirates this year and somethings got to give.

147. Atlanta Braves Brett Mooneyham P Stanford Mooneyham is 6 foot 5 235 pounds.  Mooneyham haas execllent size, but suffered a season ending injury.  In his Stanford career so far he was 9-10 with a 4.67 ERA.  Atlanta may want to take a chance on Mooneyham in round 4.

148. San Francisco Giants Ryan Smith P Dartmouth Smith is a high character pitcher who has been the closer at Dartmouth each of the past 4 seasons.  He doesn’t post closer numbers, but he won’t be playing closer down the road once he’s on the Giants.  Smith can start out as a long relief pitcher or a middle relief pitcher and may become a set up pitcher to Bryan Wilson because Jeremy Affeidt is struggling as a set up pitcher in limited action with a 5.28 ERA while Dan Runzier has struggled with an ERA of 7.oo as a long relief pitcher.  Vogelsong will move back to long reliever once Zito returns so the only thing the Giants rotation needs is a set up man.

Smith has a 4.0 GPA and plays the piano off the baseball field.  High character guy who has the intangibles like a Sam Fuld type player.  Ryan Smith is a good pitcher worth taking a risk on in the later rounds of the 2011 MLB Draft.

149. Minnesota Twins Roman Quinn OF Port St. Joe High School Florida Quinn is undersized, but he has a chance to move up to the roster in a few years if he does well in the AA and AAA leagues.

150. New York Yankees Adrian Houser P Locust Grove High School Oklahoma The Yankees draft Houser with this pick and add another young arm to their farm system.

151. Tampa Bay Rays Kyle McMyne P Villanova McMyne is 6 foot 220 pounds which is a solid frame, but he has a losing record of 4-7 and a 4.71 ERA.

152. Philadelphia Phillies Steven Proscia 3B Virginia Proscia is the best player on Virginia and has the potential to be a 5 tool player if the Phillies groom him properly in their farm system.  The Phillies are one of the best organizations when it comes to developing young rookies and acquiring key free agents.

Round 5

153. Pittsburgh Pirates Matthew Dean 3B The Colony High School Texas Dean will be a developmental pick for the future of the Pirates.

154. Seattle Mariners Mario Amarl C Ronald Reagan-Doral Senior High School Florida The Mariners get another player to develop for the long term.

155. Arizona Diamondbacks Hawtin Buchanan P Biloxi High School Mississippi Buchanan is 6 foot 8 240 pounds.  Buchanan has the size to be an effective pitcher, but he needs to gain more experience and improve his baseball IQ.  I’m not saying Buchanan cannot do this, but I feel like he has a lot of work between now and his long term goal of playing in the MLB.

156. Baltimore Orioles Braden Kapteyen P Kentucky Braden Kapteyen is a 6 foot 4 225 pound pitcher who provides a lot of depth.  Is best used as a long relief pitcher.  Is 0-3 and has made numerous relief appearances.

157. Kansas City Royals Shon Carson OF Lake City High School South Carolina Kansas City drafts an outfielder so they can keep Bubba Starling focused on pitching rather than being a 5 tool batter.

158. Washington Nationals Miguel Pena P USA Pena is the best pitcher available at this point.

159. Cleveland Indians Dusty Robinson OF Fresno State Dusty Robinson has the tools to be a 5 tool player. Robinson has a .326 batting average, managed to hit 13 of the teams 45 home runs at Fresno State, is 9/10 when stealing bases, has a good arm when throwing from the outfield, and has a fielding percentage of over .900.

160. Chicago Cubs Taylor Featherstone SS TCU The Cubs draft Featherstone with this draft pick.

161. Houston Astros Tyler Grimes 2B Wichita State Grimes goes to the Astros as a developmental player.

162. Milwaukee Brewers Johnny Coy 1B Wichita State Coy teamed up with Tyler Grimes at Wichita State to form a deadly infield duo.

163. New York Mets Cecil Tanner P Georgia Tanner has potential to be a long reliever, but is pretty much a reserve pitcher with AA talent at best.

164. Florida Marlins Riccio Torrez 2B Arizona State Torrez is tied with Zach Wilson for most RBI’s on Arizona State with 41.  Torrez would be a solid pick who can play in that interior of the infield at second base or shortstop.

165. Los Angeles Dodgers Carter Capps P Mount Olive Carter Capps is 6 foot 5 220 pounds.  He has the size to develop into a pitcher, but will need at least 5 years to develop with 2 years in AA and 3 years in AAA.

166. Los Angeles Angels Ian Gardeck P Angelina College Ian Gardeck would provide some depth for the Angels pen down the road.

167. Oakland Athletics Jett Bandy C Arizona Bandy has the second best fielding percentage among his teammates at Arizona.  He just has to become a better offensive player in the farm system.

168. Detroit Tigers Noe Ramirez P Call State Fullerton Noe Ramirez is 8-2 with that 1.76 ERA this season.  That’s impressive enough to get drafted by the Detroit Tigers in round 5.

169. Colorado Rockies Navery Moore P Vanderbilt The Rockies obtain the Vanderbilt closer who could move to another relief role for the Rockies in a few years.

170. Toronto Blue Jays Tom Robson P Canada The Blue Jays draft the top Canadian pitcher in this draft.

171. St. Louis Cardinals Kevin Kramer SS Turlock High School California The Cardinals take a high school prospect in round 5.

172. Chicago White Sox Kyle Smith P Santaluces High School Florida The White Sox obtain another top notch high school pitching prospect.

173. Boston Red Sox Kyle Simon P Arizona Kyle Simon is 9-3 with a 2.69 ERA in 15 starts.  Simon has pitched 4 complete games and delivered 1 shutout this season for the Arizona Wildcats.  Simon provides good value with the 173rd overall pick.

174. San Diego Padres Sam Stafford P Texas Next to Taylor Jungmann, Sam Stafford is the best pitcher on the Texas Longhorns baseball team.  Stafford is 5-2 in 12 starts with a 1.79 ERA.  He is a project right now, but he has potential to become a #2 starter in a rotation down the road.

175. Texas Rangers Benton Moss P Rocky Mount High School North Carolina The Rangers get another high school arm to groom for the future.

176. Cincinnati Reds John Hinson 3B Clemson Hinson bats 4th in Clemson’s lineup and he’s stolen an impressive 21 bases this season for Clemson.  He can hit any pitch effectively except a home run and has the versatility to play anywhere in the infield.  Hinson has a mediocre .854 fielding percentage which is why he is at this pick.

177. Atlanta Braves Bobby Crocker OF Cal Pony The Braves draft Bobby Crocker for depth and use him as trade bait in a few years once he makes it to AAA.

178. San Francisco Giants Matt Price P South Carolina Price is 6 foot 2 215 pounds.  Price has 13 saves and was the closer on South Carolina.  Price can compete with Ryan Smith of Dartmouth in the minors for that top reliever spot down the road.  Price is a closer who can move to set up if necessary while Smith can play anywhere in the bullpen.

179. Minnesota Twins Ryan O Sullivan P Oklahoma City The Twins get the Oklahoma City pitcher for their bullpen down the road.

180. New York Yankees Charlie Lowell P Wichita State The Yankees add the 6 foot 4 235 pound pitcher to their rotation.

181. Tampa Bay Rays Wallace Gonzalez OF Bishop Amat Memorial High School California Gonzalez is 6 foot 5 220 pounds and has that size and upside to become a 5 tool player if he applies himself to baseball.

182. Philadelphia Phillies Adam Morgan P Alabama Morgan 13 starts with a 5-4 record.  Morgan could be anywhere from a middle relief pitcher worst case scenario to a #3 pitcher in a rotation down the road best case scenario.  Morgan has an ERA of 3.89 for the Crimson Tide this season.