Mika Zibanejad Scouting Report

Name: Mike Zibanejad

Age: 18 Years Old

Country: Sweden

League: Elitserien

Team: Djurgarden

Number: 21


Physical Ability: Zibanejad has the physical ability of an enforcer.

Shooting Power: Has the ability to execute a slap shot or a wrist shot.

Hockey IQ: Zibandejad has an amazing hockey IQ.

Learning Rate: Learns new plays almost right away.

Awareness: Very smart and instinctive from both ends of the ice.  Can be a line 1 talent on offense or defense down the road.

Intangibles: Zibanedjad has great intangibles for a hockey player.

Versatility: Can be used as a two way forward.  You can plug him into a left wing, center, or right wing position.  Very flexible player that can adapt to your offense.

Athleticism: Zibanejad has line 1 athleticism mainly due to his skating and versatility as a two way forward.

Potential: Zibanejad has line 1 potential from on offense, defense, and athleticism.


Durability: Never played more than 30 games with the different teams he played for in Sweden.  This concerns me.

Size Zibanejad is slightly undersized.

Production: His offensive numbers are just gaudy and abysmal.

My thoughts on Mika Zibanejad.  Zibanjed has major upside and potential, but I could easily see him busting if he doesn’t reach his potential.  I feel like this is a boom or bust top 10 pick that you got to go all in on.  If you call this pick right as a GM by drafting Zibanejad you look like you just received a Doctorate from Harvard Law School and if you get this pick wrong you look like Mike Milbury.