Alexander Khoklachev Scouting Report

Name: Alexander Khoklachev

Age: 17 Years Old

Country: Russia

League: OHL

Team: Windsor

Position: Center

Number: #89


Physical Abiity: Khocklachev has excellent physical ability.

Shooting Power: Alexander Khoklachev has deadly shooting power.

Durability: Khoklachev has excellent durability and rarely gets injured.

Hockey IQ: Khoklachev has a very high hockey IQ.

Learning Rate: Really emerged with Windsor in his first year scoring 76 points.

Awareness: Khoklachev has great awareness from an offensive and defensive standpoint.

Intangibles: Khoklachev has great intangibles and an array of attributes in terms of intangibles.

Two Way Forward: Khoklachev can be an excellent two way forward on the inside or the outside.

Playmaker: Khoklachev is a playmaker center that sets up opportunities for his teamamtes.

Athleticism: Has top notch athleticism.

Production: Played for line 2 on the Winsdor Spitfires.  Windsor got to the OHL Western Conference Finals hoping to defend their 2 time OHL and 2 time Memorial Cup Title from both the 2009 and 2010 seasons.  Windsor got to the Western Conference Finals before losing to the eventual OHL Champion Owen Sound Attack.

Potential: Khoklachev has line 1 potential on offense, defense, and athleticism.


Size: Alexander Khoklachev is undersized and does not have the size of a forward.

One Year Wonder: Alexander Khoklachev only played one year with Windsor in the OHL this makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Played on Line 2: If he is getting the hype of a top 15 prospect why isn’t he the first line center for Windsor.

My thoughts on Alexander Khoklachev.  Alexander Khoklachev has line 1 potential, but is best suited starting out as a center who can work his way up to line 2.  He will be ready for the 2012-2013 NHL Season, but he needs one more year of development in the OHL.