Jordan Hamilton Scouting Report

Biography Jordan Hamilton Small Forward Texas


Physical Ability: Very physical and explosive basketball player.

Durability: Durability is not a question mark.

Size: Hamilton has the ideal size for a 3 at small forward.

Basketball IQ: Hamilton has a high basketball IQ.  Its not as high as Thompson’s, but Hamilton is still a very smart player.

Defensive Awareness: Jordan Hamilton has defensive awareness of a wingman at small forward.  Hamilton can contain the 5, 4, 3, or the 2.  He needs help containing the 5, but if your 5 at center is containing the opponents 5 you can use Hamilton as an extra man for double teams.

Quick Release: Hamilton has the quick release for an NBA player.

Dangerous If You Leave Him Alone: Jordan Hamilton can shoot all day if you leave him alone.

Production: Hamilton had top notch production at Texas.

Potential: Hamilton has potential to be a starter, but is a very raw prospect in my eyes.  Hamilton needs at least two seasons to develop.


Learning Rate: Hamilton needs to improve his learning rate.  His learning rate is low due to poor shot selection.

Offensive Awareness: Offensive Awareness is a concern because sometimes Hamilton is a chunker firing baskets like their darts.

Intangibles: His intangibles need some work.  Plus he needs to expand his understanding of plays on the court.

Shooting Accuracy: Jordan Hamilton needs to improve his shooting accuracy from short range, mid range, and long range.

Relies on his Jumper: Hamilton relies on his jumper when trying to convert shots by shot selection.

Plays 1 on 1 too much: One of the flaws with Hamilton is he tries to be the hero by playing one on one too much.

Inconsistent Shooter: Jordan Hamilton is a very inconsistent shooter.

Free Throw Shooter: Jordan Hamilton has very inconsistent free throw shooting.

My thoughts on Jordan Hamilton.  A lot of NBA scouts think one of the two Texas forwards will be the next Durant.  If you think that Jordan Hamilton is the next Durant you may as well fill in your pink slip now.  While Hamilton has immense potential he is a major risk.  He lacks a lot of attributes that are necessary in an NBA shooter.  Personally I would not draft him unless you have a starting 5 and are drafting the best available player for potential.