Nikola Vucevic Scouting Report

Biography Nikola Vucevic Power Forward USC


Physical Ability: Nikola Vucevic has amazing physical ability as a player.  Vucevic uses his body and physical ability to attack the inside.

Durability: Durability is not an issue with Vucevic.

Size: Vucevic is 6 foot 10 260 pounds and has amazing size for a 4 at power forward.

Basketball IQ: Vucevic has a very high basketball IQ.

Learning Rate: Vucevic learns new plays at a really fast rate.

Awareness: Vucevic has good fundamental offensive and defensive awareness.

Intangibles: Vucevic has a number of top notch attributes that make him stand out.

Shooting Accuracy: Vucevic has good shooting accuracy from short range, mid range, and long range.

Variety Of Moves: Vucevic has a variety of moves.

Footwork: Nikola Vucevic has a excellent footwork for a basketball player.  Some people question his athleticism, but he has the footwork.

Pump Fake: Vucevic has a deadly pump fake that he can use to psyche defenders out.

Patience: I really like the patience with Nikola Vucevic that I see when he makes decisions.

Recognizes Double Teams: Vucevic recognizes double teams and exploits those double teams.

Pick and Roll Player: Vucevic can be a player that you plug into your pick and roll situation.

Rebounder: Vucevic is a very effective rebounder.

Production: Vucevic was one of the better producers at USC.

Potential: Vucevic has the potential to be an NBA All Star.



My thoughts on Nikola Vucevic.  After Derrick Williams this may be the most complete player and safest pick in the draft.  Kyrie Irving is talented, but his durability is the only flaw in his scouting report.  I literally could not find 1 thing I didn’t like about Vucevic.  Vucevic is now the 2nd player I’ve scouted besides Derrick Williams to receive no flaws on their entire scouting report.  At one point Vucevic was a 2nd round sleeper.  Now he is creeping all the way up to #22 on NBA Draft Boards.  If I’m looking for a power forward and I’m picking in the late teens I’m going to heavily consider taking Vucevic with a lottery pick.  That’s just how good Vucevic is.  I’ve seen Vucevic on film and I’ve wrote a scouting report on how good he could become.  You really cannot go wrong by taking Nikola Vucevic.