LaMichael James Scouting Report

Biography LaMichael James Running Back #21 Junior Redshirt


Durability: James displays good durability for a running back.

Awareness: James has good awareness and decision making skills for a running back.

Football IQ: James has an outstanding football IQ.  James studies lots of film off the field.

Speed: James has blazing supersonic speed.  James has the speed that allows him to take off on any given play.

Agility: LaMichael James displays outstanding agility.  James uses his agility to dodge tackles.

Breaks Tackles: James is great at breaking tackles allowing him to gain more yards after the carry.

Elusiveness: LaMichael James displays elite elusive ability as a rusher.  James has the ability to dodge a tackle on any play.  You simply cannot coach a back with that ability.

Spinning Ability: James is great at spinning on running plays making defenders miss tackles.

Juking: James is amazing juker.  Whenever James decides to juke defenders usually miss.

Carries: James is the kind of back that can give you 25 carries a game and still have stamina left in the tank.

Production: James provides top notch production for a running back.


Physical Ability: James lacks the physical ability to be an NFL rusher.

Size: James lacks the size of a running back.

Learning Rate: James will need at least 3 years to learn an NFL playbook.

Intangibles: James lacks the intangibles to succeed against some of the elite run defenses in college football at this point.  James struggled against Auburn last year and only rushed for 54 rushing yards on 18 carries against LSU this season.

Ball Carrier Vision: James needs to improve his ball carrier vision.  If James does not improve his ball carrier vision he will not succeed in the NFL.

Trucking: James struggles to truck defenders.  James is more of an elusive back rather than a power back.  The NFL has more success with power backs.

Potential: James has the talent to be an elusive back.  At the same time I feel like LaMichael James potential will not grow or expand anymore.

My thoughts on LaMichael James

James has everything that you look for in a college back.  I doubt his skills translate to the NFL because he lacks the physical tools to evolve into a power runner.