Mock Draft Monday Mailbag 09/12/2011

I took off last week to answer questions because it was Labor Day.  This week I am back to answer 4 questions and ask two of our Rant Sports bloggers questions about the NFL teams they cover since the NFL season is underway.  This week I ask Joey Farbo our Jaguars blogger at Rant Sports and Craig Phelps our Rams blogger at Rant Sports questions about their teams.  I will use initials when breaking down the Q and A.

I also will answer questions about the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS draft.  I will answer questions about teams current, former, and projected future draft picks in my mock drafts.  The MLS Draft is in January, but I am only posting 6 questions.  Until the NBA lockout gets resolved I don’t even know if there will be a draft so I will only post NFL, NHL, MLB, and MLS Draft questions this for now until there is more certainty with the NBA.  More news about NBA Draft questions will be posted later with the NBA’s future in hiatus.

Special thanks to Jaguars blogger Joey Farbo and Rams blogger Craig Phelps for answering my questions.

Jacksonville Jaguars Question

CR: When do you think Blaine Gabbert starts?

JF: Not until after the Jaguars fall out of the division race.  The job is McCown’s for now as long as he keeps winning.

CR: Could you give us a projection of when Gabbert makes his first start?  Do you think that Gabbert could end up sitting out his entire rookie season similar to the Brady Quinn like when Anderson won the starting job in Cleveland?

JF: There is a definite possibility that we could see Blaine Gabbert ride the bench the same way Brady Quinn did his rookie season.  Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio has stated all preseason that the Jaguars were going to play the quarterback that gave the Jaguars the best chance to win.  If McCown is winning they will ride him the whole season.

St. Louis Rams Question

CR: Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson both left week 1 with injuries.  Who becomes the key identity to the St. Louis Rams offense?

CP: Bradford’s injury  is not that serious.  Bradford stated in a press conference following the game that his injury “Is not crazy painful.”  There is a chance Bradford could suit up in week 2 when the Rams travel to the New York Giants on Monday Night Football next week.

That extra day of rest certainly helps.

Your mock draft is completely screwed up now thanks to the week 1 games.  Who has the best chance of landing Luck now.

I know.  I had Washington picking #1 overall, Cincinnati picking #2 overall, the Jaguars picking #3 overall, the Broncos picking #4 overall, and the Cardinals picking #5 overall before Sunday’s games.

The Broncos play tonight against the Raiders so if they win I will probably put Seattle #1 overall in my mock draft.  I will change my draft order each week based on official standings plus my preseason power rankings.  Otherwise I will move the Broncos up to the #1 spot making my job a lot easier.

What team do you have picking #1 overall and who do you have going to that spot?

I have the Florida Panthers picking first because I feel like the Panthers lack the offensive pieces to contend this season despite their vast improvements on defense.  The Panthers will be a sick team in a year though.  Center Jonathan Huberdeau will become a playmaker on line 1 with Nail Yakupov complimenting him on the first line.  Yakupov is still my clear cut #1 overall prospect in 2012.

Who is the best prospect in the 2012 after Mark Appel, Lucas Giolito, and Lance McCullers Jr?

Right now its a 3 horse race between Devin Marrero, Nick Williams, and Michael Wacha.  Marrero is 4th in my current mock draft.  Nick Williams of Ball High School reminds me of Albert Pujols with his home run hitting ability and may be the best prep bat in the entire 2012 MLB Draft.  Michael Wacha could be a dark horse who enters the conversation with Appel, Giolito, and McCullers Jr for the top pick if he has a big season at Texas A&M.

Can anyone challenge Darren Mattocks for the top pick in the 2012 MLS Super Draft?

An unknown has emerged.  His name is Mamadou Diof.  The Connecticut striker enters his sophomore year.  So far Connecticut has creeped into the top 5 now ranked #4 thanks to Diof.  Diof managed to score 4 goals in 3 games.