Matt Kalil Scouting Report

Biography Matt Kalil Left Tackle USC #75 Junior Redshirt


Physical Ability: Matt Kalil has that elite physical ability and blocking ability that you look for in a blue chip left tackle.

Durability: Kalil rarely gets injured.

Size: Matt Kalil size varies based on different scouting reports I read.  One report lists Kalil at 6 foot 7 300 pounds.

Learning Rate: Learns blocking schemes right away.

Football IQ: Kalil has the ability to recognize whether a defender is blitzing or stopping the run.  Kalil will let the play develop before executing his assignment.

Awareness: Matt Kalil has excellent field vision.  He recognizes where the opposing defensive end is at all times.

Intangibles: Matt Kalil has a variety of intangibles that a left tackle needs to have.

Pass Blocking: Matt Kalil is like a brick wall when it comes to pass blocking.  Kalil will find a way to buy his quarterback more time.

Run Blocking: Matt Kalil is a dominant mammoth when you watch the game tape of him run blocking.

Zone Blocking: Kalil is a technician if you watch his zone blocking technique.

Pass Blocking Footwork: Kalil displays incredible footwork when pass blocking.

Run Blocking Footwork: Kalil has excellent run blocking footwork for a left tackle.

Stonewall Blocker: USC has one of the worst offensive lines in the country.  Matt Kalil’s stonewall blocking is one of the main reasons why USC quarterback Matt Barkley displays such amazing composure.

Can Play Left Tackle: Matt Kalil beat out Tyron Smith for the left tackle job after Charles Brown left USC.  Tyron Smith went 9th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Can Play Right Tackle: If Kalil cannot work out at left tackle he could end up moving to right tackle.

Can Play Left Guard: Kalil weighed 282 pounds out of high school.  One report indicates that he weighs 294 pounds.  If this is true that means that Kalil has only gained 12 pounds since his tenure at USC.  If this report is even remotely true then Kalil may move inside to left guard like Robert Gallery did.

Can Play Center: Matt Kalil’s brother Ryan Kalil of the Panthers and Matt’s father both played center.  Kalil could slide into the center role because he has the bloodlines of an NFL center.

Can Play Right Guard: Matt Kalil could play right guard if he doesn’t fit in with any of the other positions.

Can Play Anywhere On the Offensive Line: I only had 1 prospect since the 2010 NFL Draft graded out as a prospect who could play anywhere on the offensive line.  That prospect was Maurkice Pouncey.  Pouncey played left guard, center, and right guard at Florida.  Maurkice did play left tackle and right tackle in high school before making the transition to the interior offensive line in college.  Pouncey revived one of the worst offensive lines from the dead in the NFL last year as a rookie helping the unit get to the Super Bowl.  Matt Kalil could have a similar impact getting a team who picks him in the top 5 to the playoffs as a rookie.

Production: Matt Kalil has the production of a top 5 pick.  Kalil has been really productive and dominant at USC.

Potential: Kalil has the potential to be a blue chip left tackle who anchors an offensive line.



My thoughts on Matt Kalil

I was skeptical on Matt Kalil at first due to his size, 40 time, and run blocking ability heading into this season.  Kalil has managed to answer all my questions about him.  If Matt Kalil can make a believer out of someone who thought Matt Kalil could be the next Tony Mandarich at one point then he is going to make a believer out of you at some point as well.  After Andrew Luck its pretty clear that Matt Kalil is the prospect in the 2012 NFL Draft.

A lot of fans believe Matt Kalil could be better than Joe Thomas down the line.  Kalil may be the best pass blocker.  I’m not as high on Kalil as I was on Thomas coming out of Wisconsin.

A few years ago I picked up an SI preseason college football magazine.  I bought the magazine.  As I was reading the Magazine I stumbled upon an article about Joe Thomas during heading into his final season at Wisconsin.  At that moment I knew that Thomas would be a special prospect.

Kalil’s pass blocking ability reminds me a lot of Chad Clifton’s pass blocking coming out of Tennessee.  Clifton was an excellent pass blocker for Peyton Manning near the end of Manning’s career at Tennessee.