Filip Forsberg Scouting Report

Filip Forsberg NHL Prospect Biography

Name: Filip Forsberg

Age: 17 Years Old

Country: Scandanavia (Has Sweden Nationality)

League: Allsvenskan

Team: Leksand

Number: #16


Physical Ability: Forsberg has top notch physical ability for a skater.

Durability: Forsberg rarely gets injured.  He is a very tough skater.  He can take a lot of hits from defenders without it affecting his game too much.

Size: Forsberg is 6 foot 1 176 pounds.  He has adequate size for a Swedish forward.

Awareness: Great awareness at both ends.

Learning Rate: Learns new plays right away.

Hockey IQ: Forsberg is a sharp instinctive skater on the ice.

Intangibles: Forsberg has a variety of intangibles that make him such a unique prospect.  Forsberg is mentally disciplined and committed to the game.

Shooting Power: Forsberg has the shooting power that you look for when it comes to executing slap shots or wrist shots.

Shooting Accuracy: Forsberg has the shooting accuracy to execute a precise back handed shot.

Sniper: Forsberg is a really effective sniper at getting the puck in.

Playmaker: Forsberg does a good job making plays finding open teammates.

Two Way Forward: Forsberg can be used as a left winger or a center.  He prefers the left wing role.

Power Forward Ability: Forsberg can be used like a power forward.

Grinder: Forsberg is an effective enforcer.  He is good at be used as a grinder.

Athleticism: Forsberg has amazing athleticism.

Skater: Forsberg is arguably one of the best skaters in the Allvenskan Swedish Hockey League.

Discipline: Forsberg is very disciplined for an NHL prospect.  I do not believe he is as mentally disciplined as Landeskog yet though.

Line 1 Talent: Forsberg has line 1 talent.

NHL Ready: Forsberg is NHL ready.  He could be this years Gabriel Landeskog.

Potential: Forsberg has the potential to become an quality line 1 two way forward at left wing in a few years.


Production: Forsberg has the upside and is very mentally disciplined.  He does not have the production that Nail Yakupov or Mikhail Grigorenko has to be a top 2 pick at this point.  I could see Forsberg making a run at the top 5 though.

My thoughts on Filip Forsberg

Filip Forsberg has the Swedish routes of a Matt Sundin type player playing the wing position like Gabriel Landeskog.  Filip Forsberg passes the puck similar to the Peter Forsberg passed the puck for the Colorado Avalanche.  Forsberg should have a productive career.  He looks like the 3rd best player available at this point with Ryan Murray’s injury.