David DeCastro Scouting Report

David DeCastro Right Guard Stanford #52 Junior Redshirt


Physical Ability: DeCastro has elite physical ability at right guard.

Durability: DeCastro rarely gets injured.  He is very tough displaying top notch durability.  DeCastro has started every game as a junior redshirt and has started 13 games as a freshman redshirt and a sophomore redshirt.

Size: DeCastro is 6 foot 5 310 pounds.  That is pretty massive for a right guard.

Learning Rate: DeCastro can learn different types of blocking schemes in a very quick and effective manner.

Football IQ: Sharp instinctive blocker who knows how to execute off the point of attack.

Awareness: Recognizes whether an opposing defender prefers to pass rush or run stuff.

Intangibles: Of all the guards in this draft I would say that DeCastro has the best intangibles because he is decision making is so fundamentally sound.

Pass Blocker: DeCastro is Stanford’s best pass blocker after Jonathan Martin.

Run Blocker: DeCastro is clearly Stanford’s best run blocker.

Zone Blocker: DeCastro can be an effective zone blocker executing the proper assignments.

Pass Blocking Footwork: DeCastro displays top notch pass blocking footwork by using his nimble feet displaying the proper bending technique stances while moving around in pass protection.

Run Blocking Footwork: Has the ability to execute cut blocks while run blocking.

Pancakes Defenders: He is not a stonewall blocker like Jonathan Martin.  He does do a better job than Martin when it comes to pancaking defenders in both pass blocking and run blocking situations by knocking them to the ground.

High Character: David DeCastro has very high character for a right guard.

Can Play Right Guard: David DeCastro is best suited at his natural role at right guard.

Production: DeCastro provides top notch production on a week to week basis.

Potential: David DeCastro has the potential to be a Chris Snee type of right guard in the NFL.


Right Guard Only: Some NFL Mocks have DeCastro going to the New York Giants.  David DeCastro is a right guard only.  A team like the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, or the Pittsburgh Steelers would be a very ideal fit for DeCastro.

Putting him on a team where he is forced inside to left guard like the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, or New York Giants could lead to DeCastro being a potential NFL bust.