College Football Week 10 Stock Up Stock Down

Ryan Broyles will be excluded from this list because he is on injured reserve now.  I moved Broyles down to a 4th round grade in the wake of Broyles injury.

 Stock Up

 Luke Kuechly Middle Linebacker Boston College Junior Now a Top 5 Pick Previously a Top 10 Pick Kuechly has asserted himself as a top 10 pick and a top 5 talent in the 2012 NFL Draft with his 20 tackle showcase against Florida State.  This is Kuechly’s 3rd straight year with 100+ tackles.  The fact that he got 20 in one game against Florida State illustrates his talent at the next level.

Zebrie Sanders Right Tackle Florida State Senior Now a 5th Round Pick Previously a 7th Round Pick Sanders stepped in for Datko at let tackle which bumps him up to a 5th round pick.

Devon Still Defensive Tackle Penn State Now a 1st Round Pick Previously a 2nd Round PIck None of the defensive tackles seem to want to be first round picks based on how they are playing.  Penn State defensive tackle Devon Still is emerging as a late first round pick.

Chandler Harnish Quarterback Northern Illinois Senior Redshirt Now a 3rd Round Pick Previously a 4th Round Pick Harnish had another breakout game for Northern Illinois.  Harnish is now considered a 3rd round pick after his performance against Toledo.  Harnish could be a day 2 pick now.

Audie Cole Left Outside Linebacker North Carolina State Senior Redshirt Now a 1st Round Pick Previously a 3rd Round Pick Audie Cole had a huge game against North Carolina which resulted in a 13 to 0 shutout.  Cole can play left outside linebacker or middle linebacker in a 4-3 scheme.  Cole is now my top left outside linebacker to get drafted.

Ladarius Green Tight End Louisiana Lafayette Senior Now a 5th Round Pick Previously a 6th Round Pick Ladarius Green really helped his draft stock with a comeback win against Louisiana Monroe.  Green is now a 5th round pick.

Mike Adams Left Tackle Ohio State Senior Now a 1st Round Pick Previously a 2nd Round Pick Mike Adams has been lights out at left tackle since his suspension.  He is now re-emerging as that late first round pick he was heading into the preseason.

Daniel “Boom” Herron Running Back Ohio State Now a 3rd Round Pick Previously a 4th Round PIck Daniel Herron has had a tremendous impact leading Ohio State to 3 straight wins after being suspended the first 6 games.  Herron had another 100 rushing yard game for the Buckeyes today.

Robert Griffin III Quarterback Baylor Junior Redshirt Now a Top 10 Pick Previously a 1st Round Pick Robert Griffin III led Baylor to a signature win against a Missouri defense featuring two key pass rushers in Brad Madison and Jaques Smith.  Baylor had a school  high 697 total yards on offense with Robert Griffin III throwing for 406 passing yards through the air.  After Luck and Barkley its becoming clear that Robert Griffin III was the 3rd best quarterback like I have been stating all year.

LaMichael James Running Back Oregon Junior Redshirt Now a 4th Round Pick Previously a 6th Round Pick LaMichael James has had a good game running it on Alameda Ta’amu and Washington.  I’ll bump him to a 4th round pick for now.

Stock Down

 Landry Jones Quarterback Oklahoma Junior Redshirt Now a 1st Round Pick Previously a Top 10 Pick Bob Stoops benched Landry Jones to put in freshman redshirt Blake Bell at times during this game.  Scouts said that Blake Bell had a higher football IQ than Sam Bradford coming out of high school.  I have not seen Bell throw the football yet, but Jones threw the ball into coverage twice in the first quarter.  Blake Bell came in and got Oklahoma’s first rushing touchdown on the day.

Landry Jones held onto the ball and failed to make a progression on one play in the first quarter on a critical 3rd down.

I feel like Jones has a tendency to chuck it deep and that his receivers plus pass blocking offensive line make him what he is in terms of talent.

Jones stepped up in the 2nd half against Texas AM despite not having much of an impact in the first half.

Jones only got moved up last week because of his 505 passing yards.  He moves back down this week.

Ryan Tannehill Quarterback Texas A&M Senior Redshirt Now a 3rd Round Pick Previously a 2nd Round Pick Even though Landry Jones struggled in the first half, Ryan Tannehill played a lot worse in this game with 2 touchdowns and 3 picks.  I’d be a biased moron not to recognize the fact that both quarterbacks struggled at points in this game.

Tydreke Powell Defensive Tackle North Carolina Senior Now a 4th Round Pick Previously a 2nd Round Pick Tydreke Powell struggled in this game.  He made a few key tackles here and there.  He struggled in run defense though and he’s a 4-3 only defensive tackle which is why Powell drops to a 4th round grade due to the shutout that North Carolina suffered.  Powell lacks the versatility and he doesn’t provide much other than run support and a few key tackles.  Powell struggled in run support today so he drops for now.

Donte Paige Moss 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Junior Now a 5th Round Pick Previously a 2nd Round Pick Donte Paige Moss lost his starting job a while ago to Kareem Martin.  Donte Paige Moss struggled in this game when getting limited chances.  Donte Paige Moss was once a preseason top ten pick.  Now he’s dropped to a 5th round grade assuming he declares.

Andre Ellington Running Back Clemson Junior Now a 4th Round Pick Previously a 3rd Round Pick Ellington has a great run blocking unit at Clemson.  He is undersized and injury prone.  Ellington’s absence against Georgia Tech last week led to Clemson’s first loss on the year.

Edwin Baker Running Back Michigan State Junior Now a 6th Round Pick Previously a 5th Round Pick Edwin Baker continues to receive less carries which puts his draft stock in major jeopardy.  Returning to school seems to be a safe bet for Baker at this point.

Travis Lewis Right Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Senior Redshirt Now a 2nd Round Pick Previously a 1st Round Pick I like Travis Lewis better than Ronnell Lewis.  I am starting to be convinced that both players are 2nd round talents.  Oklahoma’s defense didn’t hold up against Texas Tech and some people believe both Travis Lewis and Ronnell Lewis are a bit to cocky.

Ronnell Lewis Left Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Junior Now a 2nd Round Pick Previously a 1st Round Pick People are saying that Lewis is a 4-3 defensive end and a 3-4 outside linebacker.  I believe Lewis is a strong side linebacker in a 4-3 scheme based on what I have seen.  Lewis has not convinced me he is worthy of in the first round.

Dre Kirkpatrick Cornerback Alabama Junior Now a Top 10 Pick Previously a Top 5 Pick Dre Kirkpatrick left the LSU VS Alabama game with an injury.  I have Kirkpatrick graded out as my 2nd best cornerback behind Morris Claiborne.  Until Claiborne recovers, he may drop a bit in my top 50 draft rankings next week.

Bernard Pierce Running Back Temple Junior Now a 5th Round Pick Previously a 4th Rond Pick Bernard Pierce was held to under 100 rushing yards against Ohio.  Hand the Bobcats some credit because credit is due here.  Immediately after Ohio Bobcat fans including some who I went to high school with stormed the field following the win over Temple thinking their the lock to go to the MAC Championship.  Good luck against Harnish and Northern Illinois in the MAC title game.