Janoris Jenkins Scouting Report

Janoris Jenkins Cornerback Northern Alabama #1 Senior


Physical Ability: Jenkins displays top notch physical abilty.

Durability: Jenkins displays excellent toughness showing little to no durability concerns.

Size: Jenkins has the ideal size to play cornerback.

Learning Rate: Jenkins learns new coverage schemes right away.

Intangibles: Jenkins displays the intangibles on the field that you look for in a #1 cornerback.

Man Coverage: Jenkins has elite man coverage ability.  His man coverage at Florida disabled his man, zone, and press coverage ability.

Zone Coverage: Jenkins has the ability to stop deep threat receivers with zone coverage ability.

Press Coverage: The one thing Janoris Jenkins has improved during his one year at Northern Alabama is his press coverage ability.

Knows the Cover 0 Shell: Jenkins knows the cover 0 shell.  The cover 0 shell is used to blitz the quarterback.  Jenkins can line up as a field or boundary cornerback.

Knows the Cover 1 Shell: The cover 1 coverage shell is used for man coverage schemes.  Jenkins excels on cover 1 plays.

Knows the Cover 2 Shell: Jenkins can play in a cover 2 shell where your corners line up at man with the safeties playing zone.

Knows the Cover 3 Shell: Jenkins can play a cover 3 shell where he lines up at zone coverage while the strong safety blitzes.

Knows the Cover 4 Shell: Jenkins can play zone in a cover 4 shell.

Knows the Cover 6 Shell: Like Claiborne and Dre Kirkpatrick Janoris Jenkins can line up playing man or zone coverage.

Can be Used as a Field Cornerback: Jenkins can be lined up as a field cornerback containing an opponents primary receivers.

Can be Used as a Boundary Cornerback: Jenkins can play a boundary role containing secondary receivers in man coverage.

Can be Used as a Nickel Cornerback: Jenkins can play nickel cornerback by blitzing or lining up in man coverage against slot receivers.

Hard Hitter: Jenkins is a cornerback who can inflict bone crushing hard hits.

Doesn’t Miss Tackles: Janoris Jenkins rarely misses tackles.

Bump and Run Corner: Jenkins is an ideal bump and run corner.

Hands: Jenkins can create turnovers.

Jumping: Jenkins has the jumping ability to leap into the air.

Can be Used as a Top Flight Cover Corner: Jenkins can be used as a cover corner in any scheme.

Can be Used as a Top Flight Ballhawk Corner: Jenkins has the hands to record big time interceptions.

Speed: Jenkins has amazing speed for a cornerback.

Agility: Jenkins has top notch agility and excellent footwork when utilizing his feet to drop back into coverage.

Work Ethic: Jenkins has a work ethic on the field that translates very well on Saturday’s.

Production: Jenkins provides elite production when playing on Saturday’s.  Jenkins stopped AJ Green, Alshon Jeffery, and Julio Jones when at Florida.  Jenkins has also thrived as Northern Alabama’s shutdown cornerback.

Potential: Jenkins may have more potential than any of the first round cornerback prospects right now.


Football IQ: Jenkins has to improve his decision making on and off the field.  Jenkins does not have the football IQ at this point.

Awareness: Jenkins needs to be more aware when it comes to falling for play action passes.  Jenkins simply lacks the mental discipline of a pro bowl prospect at this point which makes you wonder if he flops.

Character Concerns: Jenkins got kicked off of Florida which led to his Northern Alabama transfer prior to his senior season.  Jenkins then got ejected at a Northern Alabama game for punching a player.  Northern Alabama lost that game in overtime and lost the following game after Jenkins received a one game suspension.

Had an Excellent Supporting Cast At Florida Before going to Northern Alabama: Jenkins had an excellent supporting cast at Florida.  Jenkins really hasn’t played much top flight competition against small school receivers in 2011 which makes you wonder how much Jenkins could contribute with a weak supporting cast on secondary in a BCS conference.

Boom or Bust Prospect: Jenkins has top 10 talent.  The problem is Janoris Jenkins has character issues off of the field which make him appear as a boom or bust prospect.  Both Kirkpatrick and Jenkins have pro bowl ability despite being boom or bust prospects.

My thoughts on Janoris Jenkins

Janoris Jenkins is closing in on Dre Kirkpatrick as the #2 cornerback in this draft.  When the year started Kirkpatrick was my #1 cornerback.  Some of his flaws have been exposed while Jenkins has remained dominant on secondary despite his character issues.

Jenkins is this years FCS prospect who will go in the first round.  I have loved what I have seen from Janoris Jenkins when it comes to his performance on the field.

Honestly if Jenkins had no off of the field concerns I honestly believe Janoris Jenkins would be the first cornerback picked in the 2012 NFL Draft.  I believe Jenkins would have been selected ahead of Morris Claiborne and Dre Kirkpatrick.  Jenkins has been that productive as an NFL prospect.

Jenkins would have been a top 15 pick if he came out of Florida as a junior.  Jenkins stock dipped a bit due to his off the field concerns.  Now Jenkins looks like the 18th best NFL prospect.