Bernard Pierce Scouting Report

Bernard Pierce Running Back Temple #30 Junior


Physical Ability: Pierce has physical ability to be used as a down the field type of runner.

Size: Pierce is 6 foot 1 218 pounds.  Pierce has the size that teams will look for in a running back.

Learning Rate: Pierce learns new running plays in a very efficient manner.  Pierce will pick up on run blocking schemes and wait for the play to develop.

Football IQ: Pierce is a smart athlete who excels in the classroom off of the field.

Awareness: Pierce displays great vision when running the football.

Intangibles: Pierce brings a variety of skills to the table for a running back.

Ball Carrier Vision: Pierce has the ball carrier vision that enables him to pick apart defenses as the play develops.

Speed: Pierce displays good speed for a rusher.  Pierce becomes faster as the play develops more.

Agility: Pierce displays good agility for a runner.  Bernard Pierce is agile when using his speed to create plays.

Breaks Tackles: Pierce can break tackles as a power

Runs to The Inside: Pierce can be effective running plays to the middle when running to the inside.

Runs to The Outside: Pierce can move to the outside by rushing to the executing counters, runs to the left side, or runs to the right side.

Power: Pierce can be used as a power back out of the backfield.

Elusiveness: Pierce can be elusive making defenders miss tackles with juke moves.

Spinning Ability: Pierce can make defenders miss by spinning when he runs.

Juking: Pierce can juke to make defenders miss when he is not using his ability to spin making defenders miss tackles.

Trucking: Pierce can truck defenders when unleashing power running ability.  Pierce has that ability to make defenders miss by running over defenders like a bulldozer.

Carries: Pierce can give you 25 to 30 carries a game to keep your offense unpredictable and balanced.

Workhorse: Pierce can take 200 carries a year over a 5 to 7 year period before showing signs of declining.

Production: Pierce has amazing production.  He had 2 seasons of over 1,300 rushing yards.  Pierce had 25 carries, 100 rushing yards, and 2 rushing touchdowns in the New Mexico Bowl VS Wyoming.  That game may be Pierce’s final game.

Potential: Pierce has the potential to develop into a pro bowl back over time. if he can stay healthy.  Right now Pierce is best suited as a second back who develops into a starter.  The odds of Pierce maximizing his potential are 50/50 at this point.


Durability: Pierce had some durability issues as a sophomore.  I believe he can rebound from this.  Pierce had a strong junior campaign.  I still believe Pierce’s injury concerns are a concern at this point.  It may be a minor concern, but its still going to be something that teams overlook.

Catches Out Of The Backfield: I would like to see Pierce catch the football out of the backfield more often.

Has a Really Good Run Blocking Unit: Pierce has a really good run blocking unit.  You have to wonder if this makes Pierce look better than he really is.

My Thoughts On Bernard Pierce

Pierce has the ability to develop into a starter.  Right now he might be better suited as a #2 back.  Pierce looks like a 3rd round prospect who could boost his draft stock even more if he declares for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Pierce could make a case for a late first round bid in 2013 if Trent Richardson, Montee Ball, Chris Polk, Lamar Miller, and LaMichael James all go pro in 2012 as underclassmen.  Pierce could also risk hurting his draft stock by returning.

Pierce is likely to declare for the 2012 NFL Draft at this point.  He may end up returning though.  If Pierce does return it may backfire.