Brock Osweiler Scouting Report

Biography Brock Osweiler Quarterback Arizona State #17 Junior


Arm Strength: Brock Osweiler has a cannon for an arm.  Osweiler can deliver the football with sheer force when making his throws.

Mechanics: Osweiler displays outstanding mechanics when releasing the football.

Durability: Osweiler is a tough quarterback that rarely gets injured.

Size: Osweiler is 6 foot 7 240 pounds.  Osweiler has great size for a quarterback.

High Character: Osweiler has high character.  Osweiler has not been involved in any legal issues off the field.

1 Step Drop: Osweiler can make the right throws with the 1 step drop.

3 Step Drop: Osweiler can make the right throws with a 3 step drop.

Production: Brock Osweiler threw for 4,036 passing yards, 26 passing touchdowns, and 13 interceptions in 2011.  Osweiler had an impressive campaign.

Potential: Osweiler has potential to develop into a future all pro quarterback with his physical tools.  Osweiler’s pure physical talent gives him a chance to develop into a pro bowler.


Gets Rattled Under Pressure: Osweiler gets rattled under pressure pretty easily.  Osweiler m

Football IQ: Brock Osweiler takes too long to digest his progressions.  Osweiler played in a shotgun spread system.  Osweiler would look at his first progression and take off and run if no one was open.

I watched the USC VS Arizona State game.  There were plays where Osweiler would struggle against USC’s defense when watching the tape.  Osweiler did go 25 for 32 223 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, and no picks.  There were plays where Osweiler was constantly sacked or pressured.  There were plays where Osweiler just took off and run because his receivers were covered.

Osweiler also struggled against Boise State in Arizona State’s bowl game.  Osweiler has to improve his decision making.

Awareness: Osweiler seems to lack field vision for reading the defense on some plays.  He will wait for a receiver to run their route and get open without making immediate progression reads and adjusting to NFL plays.

Osweiler is a sitting duck in the pocket.  Osweiler is not capable of moving outside the pocket.

Learning Rate: Osweiler will learn an NFL pro style offense at an average rate.  Osweiler is not someone like Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III who will grasp an NFL pro style offense right away.

Intangibles: Osweiler’s intangibles need to develop.  Osweiler’s mental makeup has ability to improve.  Osweiler will struggle to pick up on blitz schemes at this stage.

Accuracy: Osweiler struggles to make accurate passes when he is pressured.  Osweiler’s receivers constantly bailed him out at Arizona State by route running.

Inability to Make Progressions: Osweiler struggled to make progressions at times during the 2011 season.

5 Step Drop: Osweiler needs to become more consistent when dropping back to make 5 step drops.

7 Step Drop: Osweiler never gets enough time to make a 7 step drop.  Osweiler’s footwork is not fast enough to set up 7 step drops when dropping back to make throws.

My thoughts on Brock Osweiler

Like Nick Foles it comes down to where Brock Osweiler gets drafted.  Where Osweiler gets drafted will ultimately determine if Osweiler maximizes his potential in the NFL.

Osweiler has the physical tools to become a pro bowl caliber starter.  Osweiler is a major project that will need one year as a 3rd stringer and possibly one year as a backup.  Osweiler’s physical skill set should allow Osweiler to get selected in the top 100 overall.  A team like the Miami Dolphins or the Buffalo Bills in round 2 is the earliest I could see Osweiler going.