San Francisco 49ers Offseason Outlook

Jim Harbaugh took the San Francisco 49ers team to the NFC Title game in his first year after leaving Stanford.  The only way this personal achievement gets topped is if Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck one ups the ole ball coach by getting the Indianapolis Colts to the Super Bowl as a rookie.  I think its safe to say that’s probably not going to occur.

Free Agency Recap

The 49ers brought in Mario Manningham and Randy Moss at wide receiver to pair up with Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis.  Harbaugh put faith in his players and built through the draft and was rewarded with great team chemistry.  Now Harbaugh is trying to acquire more talent potentially damaging the locker room if Moss does not behave so the 49ers may not be as dedicated to winning even if they are more talented.

Like his brother John Harbaugh, in Baltimore, Jim Harbaugh can add the best players available.

Here is a list of the 49ers first 3 draft choices in our final 7 round mock draft that will get released around 3 PM tomorrow.

Nick Perry 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker USC Junior Redshirt The 49ers only have 3 pass rushers on their depth chart.  They add Perry for depth and go best player available.

Jerel Worthy 3-4 Left End Michigan State Junior Redshirt Some mocks have Worthy going in the first round.  Worthy is unworthy of being selected in the first two rounds.  The kid is getting so much positive buzz from Mayock.  He won’t make it past San Francisco if he’s still available in round 2.

Chris Owusu Wide Receiver Stanford Harbaugh will add one of Andrew Luck’s playmakers to the 49ers.  It won’t be the one that many expect him to add in the first round Coby Fleener.  Owusu could step in midseason as a slot receiver if Randy Moss gets in trouble again.  That’s the positive about this pick.