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Team Orders? What would you do?

It is what might be the last caution of the race.  Trevor Bayne’s drafting partner Marcos Ambrose has crashed out and is no longer available as a drafting partner.  Jeff Gordon’s drafting partner Mark Martin had also crashed and was also not available.  Jeff Gordon looks to his left,  sees Trevor who has been really fast and does not have a drafting partner.  He calls Trevor on the radio they discuss drafting and who is pushing.  A deal is made to work with one another.  There is 5 laps to go.  Sounds simple, two fast cars working together to get to the front.  The other Ford teammates have partners and are covered to the finish.  A great plan.

Imagine now that you are Trevor Bayne.  The restart happens and you end up pushing Jeff Gordon as planned.  Except, the rest of the field behind you has one crazy restart.  You look up in your mirror and Matt Kenseth, your teammate and mentor has gotten behind you.  He is racing for the Championship and somehow has lost his drafting partner.  What do you do?

Trevor Bayne chose to leave Jeff Gordon and go with Matt Kenseth.  The fan frenzy that followed after the race on Twitter was unbelievable.  I personally have not read so many fired up fans over this issue.  Jeff Gordon fans were especially enraged.  Trevor finally posed on Twitter “I would have rather pulled over and finished last than tell Jeff Gordon I would work with him and then be strong armed into bailing.”  He was obviously devastated that he had to make that decision.

Trevor Bayne was in a no win situation.  Yes he did make a deal with Jeff for the end of the race, a deal he would have kept had circumstances regarding Matt not changed.  When Matt lost his drafting partner and was there, Jeff should have known that the deal would be over.  Remember, Trevor Bayne and his race team are not only a Ford race team, they are also sponsored by Ford.  Of all the Ford drivers in the field, Trevor’s paycheck comes almost directly from Ford.  Regardless of what we all might think, Trevor had really been put on the spot.  Either way was the correct choice.

What would you do?  Let me know by Ranting below.