Brad Keselowski Further Engages NASCAR Fans on Twitter During Long Red Flag

By Brian Berg Jr.

What an exciting finish to the 2012 Daytona 500.  This race will not be remembered for Matt Kenseth’s second Dayton 500 win putting him into an elite group of drivers with multiple wins.  It also may not be remembered for Juan Pablo Montoya losing control during caution and striking a Jet Dryer and causing a huge fire.  It will be remembered for Brad Keselowski tweeting during the extended red flag.  Sending pictures of on track activity, other drivers and even answering questions from fans.

In this day and age of social media and smart phones, it was only a matter of time for someone to do this.  Who better than Brad Keselowski, who on Friday night raced his Camping World Truck Series truck with twitter handles of some of his followers who won a contest by his sponsors printed on the bed.  Brad Keselowski is one of the most active of the NASCAR drivers on twitter.  Interacting with fans almost daily.  Taking questions and providing answers.

During the red flag he provided fans on twitter a means to stay interested in what would have been a channel changing lull in the action.  When one fan asked @keselowski “Any of the other drivers tweeting?” he answered “Nope They all think I’m crazy. ESP this guy!” and provided the above picture of Jeff Burton.  In this day of promoting your sponsor this single action was simply brilliant.  How brilliant is in the fact that before the race he had about 65,000 followers on twitter and after the red flag Brad Keselowski or @keselowski had over 100,000 followers.  That is some serious marketing power.

There is some talk that Brad Keselowski might get fined for “Actions detrimental to stock car racing” by bringing a recording device into his race car.  NASCAR would be foolish for penalizing a driver who added to the entertainment value of the sport in a way that had no direct connection to competition on the track. They may argue that it violated their agreements with Fox sports but I think Fox sports would agree that his actions only kept eyeballs on their coverage.  As fans we all can only hope to see more of this in otherwise boring situations.

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