NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle is on a Roll, What Better Place to Continue than Kansas Speedway

Greg Biffle has been leading the Standings for what seems to be the entire NASCAR season.  Last week Greg Biffle dominated the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway and won.  This serves notice to the rest of the competitors that he can back up his performance by winning races.  After the race Greg Biffle said “… to win like this and put a bunch of ground on the guys — all the cars behind us, that certainly makes a statement, I think, for all the people that were wondering if this was kind of a fluke that we were still leading the points this far in.”   Those people should be worried because this week he returns to the track where he had his previous win.  This week the Sprint Cup series is at the Kansas Speedway for the STP 400.

This Kansas Speedway has 15 degrees of banking in the corners, about 11 degrees in the front stretch and 5 degrees in the back stretch.  It is almost just like Chicagoland speedway, except there is a little less banking in the corners.  This should make the racing a little better than Chicagoland, but just like there and the big brother 2 mile tracks of Michigan and California they can race 3, 4 and sometime 5 wide here after restarts.  Also like those tracks the field can get strung out single file similar to what we saw last week at Texas.  The race is 400.5 miles or 267 laps.

So what can we all expect at this race.  For one each team will be working on their set up and fuel millage.  Although qualifying is important at this track, it only is if fuel millage does not factor in.  So the teams that want to do well must somehow do both well.  The furthest back in the field a winner qualified for the race is 25th when Brad Keselowski won the race on fuel millage.

This track also is interesting because there have only been 12 Sprint Cup races here.  Jeff Gordon won the first two races here.  Other two time winners are Toney Stewart and Greg Biffle.  Jimmie Johnson won the race here last fall.

This race looks like it might pick up right where we finished last week at Texas where Greg Biffle won and Jimmie Johnson finished second.  Greg Biffle and Jimmie Johnson are the only drivers who have an average finish in the top 10.  They are neck and neck at 8.2 and 8.3 respectively.  Looking at the driver ratings they swap positions with Jimmie Johnson having the edge over Greg Biffle at 120.6 and 118.0.  Then there is a big drop off with the other two time winners Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon in a virtual dead heat at about 105.  After those two it drops off fast with Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Mark Martin, Kurt Busch, Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick.  If you happen to be in a fantasy NASCAR league remove Kurt Busch from your list as his previous stats do not match his current performance and add in Clint Bowyer.

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The race is this Sunday at 12:30 PM ET.  If you can’t get to the track it will be on FOX.  Follow me during the race on Twitter @brian_jr1.