Mother Nature Keeps Dominating The NASCAR Season

By Christy Valdez

NASCAR drivers have a new rival when they arrive at the track, Mother Nature. For a few of the first nine races into the season rain has been in control.

Mother Nature has made her presence felt since day one of the 2012 season beginning at Daytona. This year’s Daytona 500 was delayed twice due to heavy rain, which provided NASCAR their first Daytona 500 under the lights and on prime time on a Monday night.

About a month later the Auto Club 400 at Fontana was cut short due to rain. Mother Nature made her presence on the radar and ended the race at Fontana with 129 laps out of 200 completed. The Fontana race provided the season’s first rain shortened race.

Last week during the race weekend at Richmond, some activities were cut short and some were close to being affected. Practice for the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown was close to not happening since it had rained earlier in the day. Luckily the rain had stopped just in time for the charity race. On Saturday prior to the cup race it rained but the race went on as scheduled.

Now that Talladega race weekend has arrived, so has the rain. Both NASCAR Nationwide Series practice and ARCA practice were cancelled. Two Nationwide practices were scheduled and with neither practice held, starting positions have been given out.

Mother Nature is in control this season, providing NASCAR with some historic moments.


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