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The No.48 Team wins the 2012 NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge.

Rick Hendrick and Jimmie Johnson have another reason to celebrate this week as the No.48 team became this year’s Pit Crew Challenge winner.

Just days from winning Hendrick’s 200th Sprint Cup win, the 48 team beat several top Cup teams to win this year’s title of the top pit crew. In order to achieve this impressive feature the No. 48 team had to beat several crews including the No. 20, No. 21, No. 17 and two time defending champions of the No.11 team.

The Final round was a reminder of the 2010 season when it was the 48 and the 11 running for the Sprint Cup title. This time both crews went head to head and Johnson’s crew came up on top.

Heading into this weekend’s All-Star race, Johnson will have the first stall in Pit Road since his crew won this year’s pit crew Challenge.


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