NASCAR fans are also reevaluating during the All-Star Break

By Brian Berg Jr.

It has been said that NASCAR teams do a preliminary assessment or evaluation of their season during the All-Star break.  Why shouldn’t NASCAR fans do the same?  What would NASCAR fans consider?  What might be important?  Here are some ideas:

Jeff Gordon – If you don’t know that Jeff Gordon has had a horrible season you must live under a rock.  Jeff Gordon is 24th in the standings and having a horrible year to date.  In the good old days of NASCAR, fans would boo his very name during driver introductions or if he should happen to win a race.  He was booed because he won too many NASCAR races and championships.  It is official and you read it here, Jimmie Johnson has replaced Jeff Gordon as the driver that gets booed because he wins too much.  In reality NASCAR fans have turned the tide and would like to see Jeff Gordon win a few races and perhaps another championship.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – It has been well documented that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a really long losing streak,  a losing streak going back to June of 2008.  Winning the Sprint Show Down and one of the segments of the All-Star race excited the fans to see him win again.  Enough talk about his losing streak, as much as Dale Earnhardt Jr. wants to win, the fans want him to win more.

Kurt Busch – Kurt Busch seemed to have changed after leaving his great team and ride for a seemingly less funded team.  He was running well in many of the races this season to date.  He also appeared to be the only driver to provide on track action and drama.  These are all good things that a NASCAR fan likes.  His on radio rants and off track comments have gotten old.  We want Kurt Busch to succeed.  We don’t want Kurt Busch to melt down on the radio as well as on or off the track.  We want Kurt Busch to race hard and win some races.

Kasey Kahne – Kasey Kahne drove for a lame duck team.  He was the lame duck driver from the start and later in the season it became apparent that the team was also not coming back the next season.  In spite of that he drove hard, his team worked hard and they finished 14th in points.  This year has been difficult to say the least, he and his new team are 16th in points, up 3 positions in the last race alone.  NASCAR fans want to see him take the no. 5 team back to the chase and fulfill the promise that was there at the beginning of the season.

Mark Martin – Mark Martin, Michael Waltrip and Brian Vickers have been sharing the no. 55 Michael Waltrip Racing car.  Up until after the Talladega race the No. 55 car has been in the top ten.  It is now 13th.  The No. 15 car is 11th and No. 56 car is 6th in the standings.  NASCAR fans want to see Michael Waltrip Racing succeed.  They also would like to see a chase of the Owner’s championship.

So there you have it, our list of things we would like to see the rest of the NASCAR season.  What is on your list?  Please login with your favorite Social Media and let us know by Ranting below.

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