Ford's 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Ford Fusion To Receive Changes

By Christy Valdez

The 2013 Ford Fusion for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will be getting some upgrades.

Ford has decided to make a few changes to next year’s cup car according to the Associated Press. Some of the new upgrades on the Fusion will include more brand identity in order to separate the car from the rest if it’s competitors in the field. Ford wants to upgrade the grille and the car’s hood lines.

Ford hopes to add in more brand identity into the car’s grille by making it more identical to the production car. More details are also being added into the car’s headlight area, by adding more to the fog light housing of the car. Ford also plans on having a more aggressive hood onto the new cup car.

The original 2013 Ford Fusion for next year’s Sprint Cup Series season was unveiled back in January with Greg Biffleof Roush Fenway Racing. Ford’s other NASCAR competitors have unveiled their 2013 cup models. Toyota was the latest to introduce their cup model back in May.

The latest upgrades and improves on the 2013 cup car will be unveiled by Michigan International Speedway this upcoming weekend.

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