Danica Patrick's New Direction With Go Daddy Can Help Her NASCAR Career

By Christy Valdez

Danica Patrick has always been the Go Daddy girl for several years, known to be a part of proactive ads but their newest ads will be way different than the previous ones.

It was announced during the week by USA Today that Go Daddy plans to take a more conservative role in their ads with Patrick. Commercials that in the future won’t feature Patrick in a bikini or body painting anyone else. She has become the company’s most famous spokesperson but the conservative approach not only helps Go Daddy but Patrick as well.

Go Daddy has been Patrick’s primary sponsor since her racing days in the IndyCar Series and have followed her into her NASCAR career. The sponsorship has helped her racing career but some of her biggest critics have been due to that same sponsorship.

Patrick has the ability to attract sponsors but she seems to have a hard time attracting a bigger fan base because people criticize her over the Go Daddy ads rather than her racing career. Her commercials seem to outweigh what she has been able to achieve within racing.

Within her racing career Patrick has an IndyCar Series win, the highest finish for a female at the Indy 500, where she has finished third. She also has the highest female finish within all of the NASCAR series’, a 4th place finish in the Nationwide series. Just within 2012, her first full Nationwide Series season, she won the pole at the season opening race at Daytona.  She has accomplished plenty of features but it usually gets outweighed by her proactive commercials or landing on a list of the world’s sexiest women.

As of recently Patrick’s latest commercial has been toned down from previous commercials. Her latest commercials have been comedic ones along with IndyCar Series driver James Hinchcliffe, looking for the face of the Go Daddy homepage. Just a simple funny commercial can help change people’s perception of her and help her gain a bigger fan base. The new ads give her a fresh new look.

With the new approach it helps gain a bigger fan base which includes kids as well because it’s the sport’s future fanbase. The new ads can reach out to a bigger audience rather than the audience it has targeted in the past, the majority being male. A more conservative approach could even make her more marketable.

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