Kevin Harvick Better Start Worrying

By Brian Berg Jr.

Kevin Harvick has had a pretty good season so far.  He has 8 top ten finishes in 16 races and only one race worse than 20th.  He is currently 6th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup standings 3 points ahead of seventh place, our most recent winner Clint Bowyer.   He is 42 points from tenth place, the last position in the Chase.  Although this is approximately one race, that doesn’t mean he has one to give up.  If he should happen to finish 42 the other drivers are bound to finish well and get some points.  A couple bad races and he could easily be tenth or worse in the standings.

Kevin Harvick’s bigger problem is that he has not won a race this year.  This season so far has the same number of winners as last season.  By this time last year Kevin Harvick had three race wins.  The Wild Card spots in the chase go to the drivers who have the most race wins who are 11th to 20th in the standings.  Right now there is a four way tie with one win each for these two spots.  Two weeks ago Carl Edwards had a couple of bad races and is now eleventh in the standings, eleven points away from tenth and the final Chase spot.  He also does not have a race win.

It is hard to believe that we are just past half way to the NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup and we are already talking about points.  We really are not talking about points though, we are talking about winning.  For those drivers who are sixth through 20th in the standings the next ten races are all about winning.  It is apparent that at this point the two wild card spots for the Chase will go to drivers that have at least one race win.  It also looks like it will take more than one win, perhaps two.  Kevin Harvick doesn’t have a single win to fall back on, little lone two.  If he cannot continue to quietly race for top ten finishes until the Chase he could easily find himself eleventh in points and out of the Chase.  That is something to worry about.  Sorry Kevin, this is what NASCAR had in mind, point racing is a dangerous proposition now.

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