Austin Dillon Gets Overshadowed By His Car Number

By Kevin Van Pelt

Austin Dillon won his first Nationwide Series race on Friday night in dominating fashion. A few hours later the party was spoiled after Dillon’s No. 3 car fail post-race inspection.

However, the night still belonged to Dillon and his entire team. He is a rising star in NASCAR and has a bright future ahead of him. As Dillon won the race and was doing his celebration, he was getting overshadowed by the number of this car, three.

The moment was pure joy for car owner Richard Childress, who is Dillon’s grandfather, as he got to watch the number that was driven to victory lane so many times head back to victory lane. He even said over the radio that Dale would have been proud. The remembrance of the late Dale Earnhardt is worth a mention in the celebration, but Dillon seemed lost in all of that.

On the ESPN 2 broadcast, it was even said how this was the first win in a No. 3 car since Earnhardt’s tragic death, which is not true. Dale Earnhardt Jr. won a Nationwide race in 2010 driving the three car. Now this was the first win for RCR in the No.3, but that is not what was said.

The feeling may be that I am a little harsh and that this topic may be somewhat of a reach as an issue; however, Dillon is the future of the sport and we can’t keep harping back to the past on something we can’t get back. Dillon’s first win seemed to be more of a win that was for Earnhardt and not Dillon. I am all for continued remembrance of Dale Sr., but not every time his car number goes to victory lane. Dillon needs to have his time in the spotlight too, he has earned it.


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