AJ Allmendinger Suspended Indefinitely After B Sample Turns Up Positive

By Riley Schmitt

AJ Allmendinger was suspended a couple weeks ago for failing a drug test.  Now the suspension will go on even longer as his B sample also turned out to be positive.  Not exactly good for a guy who was struggling this season and needs to find a new ride.

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AJ Allmendinger has a lot of talent but this might kill his career for at least a couple of years.  Not many teams are going to want to take a chance on him after this.  It is just too risky and there are a lot of other young guys for teams to take a chance on.  Sam Hornish will continue to drive for Penske Racing and it could be permanent.

He can participate in the NASCAR recovery program but it will be a while for him to get it completed.  This move might end up helping him personally down the road, but his racing career is going to take a big hit.  He is going to have to work hard to get back to the Cup level and it could take a lot of years.  He has to prove himself all over again.

There is no word on what he tested positive for and it probably will never come out.  Allmendinger needs to get everything taken care of so he can continue to do what he loves to do.  The punishment sucks right now but it will probably benefit in the long run.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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